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  1. maybe it is. i printed with 20% infill and it didnt change much. just the inside.
  2. Hello, Yes i did use Cura. When i checked the layer view, it showed me the model with shell. But it indeed looks like it printed out without a shell. I printed another object and it did the same thing. How can i fix this issue? Thanks alot.
  3. Hi. Im new to the 3D printing world. Ive just finished building my first 3d printer, Tevo Tarantula. Everything seems to be working fine, but the print quality is really poor. Any thoughts how to improve these "imperfections"?. It has like these holes all over the print, and the top layer seems to vanish completely. Any ideas? Thanks (Im using PLA that came with the printer. Hotend 200°C, Bed 60°C. Layer height 0.1)
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