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  1. Hi Everyone: Mine is still working good. try fixing the wires....
  2. To CarloK - Tks for the advice. I ran the diagnostics and the capacitive sensor was not reading properly. Soldered the red wire back on and bed leveling tested just fine. I noticed the black wire was very tenuous and seemed to be hanging on by only one of the strands of the multi stranded wire. I did not touch it yet as everything seemed to be ok. Kinda tight in there, but having a high reliability soldering in the 70's, it wasn't too bad. Stripping the wire was fun....
  3. I just started having the same problem with my UM3 Extended. I active level before each print, as it did properly this morning and this afternoon it started to push up into the heads during the procedure. Also staying connected is another issue on WiFi.
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