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  1. Downloaded 3.2 last week and so far it's seemed like a nice improvement. Almost too many options and nerd knobs to turn. Almost afraid to tweak anything in fear that I'll throw-off 5x other things. haha If I can make a serious request for the next revision. All the updates to 10x different infill types (grid, zig-zag, cones, etc etc..) All these thing's are cute at best. What I could REALLY use is for Cura to scan or review the imported .STL file and AUTO suggest an orientation for the most successful print, utilizing the LEAST amount of supports etc. Example, maybe printing a file upside down and tilted to a 30* angle or something like this). Also, "suggest" auto-slicing. If I import a helmet into Cura with a bed ratio of 200x200x180 and want to make it 150%, then Cura could take the image and auto-slice into 6-8 pieces to make sure all ratios are correct moving forward, and a manual slicing won't lead to gaps in the prints and wasted materials. Instead today, if the image is too large for the bed, Cura just refusing to do anything with the file until you shrink it to fit the bed. Now, I'm no Cura Power-User by any means.. If any of these features are already included and I just haven't found them, please point me in the right direction. Thanks!
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