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  1. I agree. I reloaded 1.5 and ran the same print again, with the same results. I slowed the print speed down by half and it printed fine excepting the warping issue. I've started the RMA process again. This bed is running considerably below specs.
  2. I'm downloading 1.5 again now. 3 is nice and clean, but function is much more important. My printer has a heated bed and I am printing on a sheet of PEI. Heatbed temp was an issue that caused me to RMA the printer in November. Since then it will run 80 through its settings and 100 through Cura 1.5's settings.I have used glue sticks on the sheet but see no real improvement with it. Do you think Kapton will help with this? Short print jobs do much better than long ones. The part in question is about 4.5 hours. Here are the same item, printed yesterday, sliced with 1.5 I'm printing the parts I need for a D-bot build. The designer stated that the PLA they used showed signs of cracking fairly early and recommended ABS. I don't need heat resistance, just strength and rigidity. Thanks
  3. Im using the Monoprice Miniselect V2. Printing Hatchbox's ABS. I have printed this part before with no "drifting" utilizing Cura 1.5.04. I was experiencing pretty severe warping on the bottom. In the course of fixing that issue it was suggested to upgrade Cura. I just upgraded it to 3.2. and this is the result of the first print. Given that this appeared today with the Cura Upgrade, Im inclined to think it in the program as opposed to hardware. I checked the layers in Cura and this is not shown.
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