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  1. Thanks I'll try that. I know there small but I want to be printing some jewelry peices so these prints were some test prints. I'll check out the thread you mentioned. Thank you!
  2. Thank you I'm printing this on my monoprice select mini. I will definitely be trying this method thank you!
  3. Sorry I wasn't clear, I'm the monoprice mini
  4. I'm using the monoprice with pla,thanks for you tips I'll try it out
  5. Hello, I have been printing some small objects recently and I have encountered some stringing and bad prints. I'm thinking it has to do something to do with my Cura settings. I have added my settings and pictures of the prints below. Is there an optimal setting for small prints? Also, any general tips to improve my print settings would also be appreciated. Thank you! I'm printing with the monoprice select mini with PLA, my Cura settings are: Quality: Layer Height: 0.1mm Initial Layer Height: 0.3mm Line width: 0.4mm Shell: Wall Thickness: 0.8 Top/Bottom thickness: 0.8 Infill: Infill density: 20% Infill pattern: Grid Gradual Infill Steps: 0 Infill before walls: yes Material: Printing temperature: 195 C Build plate temperature: 60 C Diameter: 1.75mm Flow: 100% Enable retraction: yes Retraction distance: 1.75 mm Retraction speed: 25 mm/s Retraction Minimum Travel: 0.8 Speed: Print speed: 40 mm/s Infill speed: 40 mm/s Outer wall speed: 25 mm/s Inner wall speed: 40 mm/s Top/bottom speed: 20 mm/s Travel speed: 75 mm/s Initial layer speed: 20 mm/s Initial layer print speed: 20 mm/s Initial layer travel speed: 37.5 mm/s Cooling: Enable print cooling: yes Fan speed: 100% Minimum layer time: 10s Mesh fixes: Maximum resolution: 0.01 Special modes: Print sequence: all at once
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