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  1. So it looks like you are dropping a cylinder onto the build plate after you place the part on the plate them moving it around by eye to center it on the hole. That is the method I was using too. Now what I want are shapes that are much more complex than a cylinder, something that looks like a skeleton or truss.
  2. I want to do something, perhaps it is impossible with Cura. I am printing a structural part and strength to weight is important. Let's say it is a motor mount plate and have 7 bolt holes. Currently I find I need to print it with 2mm walls and 2mm top and bottom thickness then 40% infill and the part is strong enough. This works but I see a way it could be lighter and stronger. Walls are printed with all the plastic put down in parallel to the outside edge but I can only print walls along the edges. It would be very good if I could make "walls" in the interior o
  3. This is all on MacOS. Was running 3.2 and I had some custom materials and customized printer. Then I install 3.3 and all the old setting are gone. I think the problem is the user settings are stored inside the *.app bundle because I go to Time Machine and restore the old 3.2 *.app bundle and all my settings are back. I have yet to look into this and perhaps there is a way to have user settings stored in the normal place (applications support) Or perhaps there is a way to specify a location. How does one upgrade to 3.3 while preserving customize m
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