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  1. 다른 한국 얼티메이커 사용자 있으면 여기 알려주세요
  2. 오! 당신은 어느 제품을 사용하시나요?
  3. 안녕하세요? 한국인은 이 토픽에 들어와 주세요!!!!
  4. oh!!!!!!! I'm sorry. will you forgiveness me?
  5. what do you mean? Are you joking?
  6. ?????I am korean so i don't know english well. can you translate to korean?
  7. I want to beta test Ultimaker 4! please!
  8. It is very cheep! I want to buy, but I can't. I don't have money!
  9. I'm in Korea. But any people don't sell to korea(my mind). Can any people sell to korea? ? i want buy this Bye
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