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  1. Sorry, ich war schon lange nicht mehr hier im Forum. Hast du mittlerweile die Antwort gefunden?
  2. @rippi46 Benutzt du immer noch den modifizierten Ulticreatr? Benutzt du ihn mit mit Cura 4.4? Wie hast du das Druckerprofil in Cura eingestellt?
  3. Vielen Dank für die hilfreichen Infos. Besonders die Info zum Power Budget war sehr hilfreich. Es gibt jetzt keine Abstürze vom Ultimaker mehr.
  4. Ich nehme an, dass man die Tinker-MarlinUltimaker2-dual-19.03.1.hex aufspielen muss. Richtig?
  5. Kannst du mir vielleicht helfen. Ich bekomme das einfach nicht hin. Wie hast du das geschafft?
  6. I can completely understand your skepticism. I 'm also more of a sekeptical person. BUT nobody was there over the weekend. I interviewed everybody who has a key for the science department. But nobody has been at school. Though it somehow hurts that most seem to think that I'm making up a story or trying to blame somebody else. This makes me feel as if I'm putting out fake news and as if I'm lying. I only described what happened and asked if anybody has had any similar experience. I only wanted to know if somebody knows how much spare parts are. The spool handle is not bent, it has just co
  7. This is a view of the table where the UM3 was situated. The table size is 90 cm x 75 cm. The Ultimaker has always been positiones in the middle. The power cord which you can see in Picture IMG_363.jpg is plugged into the socket on the rear wall (not in the picture). It is not possible for anyone to trip over the cord. Picture IMG_0537.jpg shows how I found the printer on Monday morning first thing. Rüdiger
  8. Hallo kmanstudios. That's what puzzles me, too. We also have an UM2. I printer some rubbery shoes for it. I never had any issue like with the UM2. I think I should have done the same for the UM2. That might have prevented it.
  9. I started the print on Friday afternoon. The cleaners had already finished and left. We don't have any pets running around in our school. And all the kids were home for the weekend. The printer is placed in a special room which needs a separate key. Everybody who is able to get into the room said that they had not been there over the weekend. I might post a picture of the room tomorrow.
  10. Hi Sander, The answer to yourquestion (line 2) is: Yes, but it did. Regarding the print head covered in PLA. I agree. The reason for this could be that the printed object came loose. Why it got loose? I clean the bed before every print. I use the glue stick that came with it. I used the autolevel. Sadly there is no camera in the room. If there was I would have posted the video on Youtube and earned enough money to buy a dozen 3D printers. :-)
  11. Hi there, At the end of last year I was granted permission to buy a new Ultimaker 3 for our school. My students designed different things and we printed them. Some things were pretty large so the printer had to print for more than a school day. One morning I found the printer crashed on the floor. The two print heads were totally covered in PLA. Although the UM3 was placed firmly on a big table it moved itself off the table. Has any else had such an experience? We also have a UM2. Moving around has never been an issue with it. Does anyone know how much the replacement
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