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  1. I think you simply don't understand how to use support blocker .... You need to clic on Support blocker icon, here a gray cube will appear You need to drag and scale the cube where you don't want support DO NOT put the cube on the buildplate or on the support, just on the face where you don't want the support (like on your big tower support top )
  2. Hi, Sorry but i REALLY dislike the new print settings placement ! It's looks like cool ... but really hard to find the options you search I use a 32" 2560*1440 screen and it's look ugly In cura 3.xx the slice preferences take a good place on the right, now, it just take more place on the screen with LESS usefull information I change settings many times, and have all settings expended (I like to control all) but now, i have a ridiculously small windows to see all settings You can stay like this, but can you please add an option to put back this slice preferences to th
  3. i just changed my PC between 3.1 and 3.2 first I think it was a bug of the new install of 3.2 but i try to update the 3.1 on the old computer, it make exactly the same thing ... and one question : why on 3.1 all filaments are 1.75, on 3.2 all was 2.85 ?
  4. are you serious Ultimaker ? the 3.1 don't work if you installed 3.1Beta before, and can't change settings now the 3.2 has all materials in 2.85mm and if you create a new it simply disapears ... a newser version of a software is not supposed to correct errors like this ? a slicer is totally useless if you can't change simple things like the fialement diameter or any settings -__- I changed from S3D (paid) to Cura on Cura 3.1Beta ... but it's a pain with 3.2 too ... will go back to S3D of CraftWare
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