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  1. This is the top layer. bottom layers are fine. The layer height of both prints is 0.2mm Initial layer was 0.25 in both versions Both files end up with 30 layers I tried upping the overlap percentage to 25%. I have tried upping the extrusion multiplier to 105% It has really got me baffled. I know i must be missing something somewhere. Cura 2.7 Cura 15.04.6
  2. the left print is from 15.04.6 and the right is 2.7 Printing speed was 40mm/s on both verisons the nozzle is 0.4mm walls are 1.2mm and top layer 0.8mm in both versions. temperature was 230 degrees C on both prints. infill overlap was 15% in both. This is what is confusing me. Same printer and filament. all the settings that i can compare are set the same.
  3. I have a really strange problem that i am hoping someone can help with. when using Cura 15.04.6 and PETG filament i get perfect top and bottom layers / infill. when i use the same stl file and temperature, flow, retraction etc settings in Cura 2.7 the top layers dont touch the perimeters and there are voids. I spent all of yesterday trying different extrusion multiplier. infill line width, infill wipe distance but none of these fixed the problem. I want to use the later version of cura for the improved support options including the support interface but if i cant get the top solid without voids i will have to stick with the older Cura and put up with less options for support. Left square is from Cura 15.04.6 and right square is from Cura 2.7.
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