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  1. Hello Catohagen, The bed should be level. I just re-leveled it yesterday. The odd thing is that it only does this with the phone case and not the maker coin I have been testing. I will try your settings
  2. Here is another pic of the first layer I just tried right now.
  3. Here are some pics Sandervg. I’m having so much trouble printing this phone case. Right now in the second pic, you can see it’s printing super fine and light so it’s tansparent. Shurik, are you using Cura default settings and just changing the items you listed for the TPU 95a filament? Thank you both for he response.
  4. Hello all, I'm not sure if this is possible, but can we share build files? Meaning the settings for a certain type of Filament? If so, does someone happen to have a file for printing TPU95 A? I am having a hard time getting started. Nothing I seem to do is working. I cant get this stuff to print to save my life. Even with the pre selection in Cura. I've turned off "retraction" adjusted temps and just no luck at all. The print seems to make it to about halfway through the second layer of this phone case and just stops printing. Ive also noticed that the Filament is feed
  5. Thank you Yellowshark. I will try this. Im printing a benchy right now. I ready that night that then benchy should tell you any problem areas with your printer. i went out and bought a Infrared Thermometer like you sugggested to test the bed. Here are my findings. front of bed is 131 F left side of bed 131 F back of bed 132 F right side of bed 134F these vary 1-2 degrees.
  6. Hello all, The base of my prints are coming out really rough. I’ve leveled the bed several times and I can’t seem to fix this. I’ve tried recommended settings and still the same result. I use glue on the bed with it spread out with warm water so it’s thin. I’m not sure where to go from here. I’ve attached a picture of two different prints to show. Thanks for your time. John
  7. Thank you all very much. I really appreciate all the responses. I will start with Cura until I know it well and then decide from there.
  8. OK here is a second print. on these pictures, the two corners are completely lifted and basically melted on the front. The back side is having the same issues as the above picture. Sorry for the cheesy writing on the pics. It was done off of my iPad. Thanks
  9. Hello all, My first print was the UM3 robot that came with the USB drive. It came out great. So I decided to print another piece and on the image below you can see that print was messing up. The part that you are seeing is the base of the print that touches the glass bed. For some reason its printing bumps and lifting up from the print bed. I thought I would try a second print and I received the exact same results from the print bed. ***Before print*** I cleaned the glass with soap and water and dried it really well. Then I used a very light layer of glue on the print bed
  10. Hello all, I wanted to ask the community about their preference regarding Cura vs Simplify3D. A buddy of mine suggested to me today that Simplify3D was the much better way to go than Cura and he listed all of these benefits to Simplify3D. Now, I am new to 3D printing and slicers. Does anyone have experience with both of these and can share their opinion? Is the extra 150 dollars worth it to get Simplify3D? Does Cura do all the same things as Simplify3D? Thanks.
  11. Hello all, I wanted to give an update on the camera and the ip plug/ kill switch. This is working out amazing. I’m at work and able to check in on my prints. I’ve tested the kill switch on the printer and it works amazing. Thanks so much for he help and idea.
  12. Hello all, Just got my UM3X about 2 hours ago and did all the leveling and Calibration. My son really wanted his first print to be the Gyro the Dodo by Virtox 1.0. From this site but we cant seem to Ddownload it. Does anyone happen to have this file please? Thanks
  13. Ok I went out tonight and bought the camera and plug. Cost me 96 dollars total. Super easy to set up. Thanks Brulti so much for the information. Works like a charm.... ???????
  14. Ive been looking at them and from what i have seen, even the really expensive ones can only do small objects. Which isn’t really worth it to me to pay all of this money to only scan small objects. Do they make ones for scanning bigger objects like a car rim or a engine? Thanks
  15. That is awesome information. I’m going shopping tonight lol. This will be so awesome, because i have seen post on here where people have walked away from watching the printing and things go all wrong and a lot of filament is wasted. Speaking of Filament. Is it better to use UM breakaway filament or PVA for supports? The sales rep said UM breakaway is much better than PVA. He stated that UM has really taking the time to perfect this and have made huge improvements form the past. I would not know either way lol Thanks
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