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  1. Many Thanks, I post it if I have something to show. Best regards
  2. Hello, I have to understand what makes sense;
  3. Hello, I think I can not avoid modeling and adapting the model in the Cad for the different dimensions, because in particular the element thicknesses have to be adjusted to the plotting scale, so that the final result becomes optically acceptable. It is just a model, a simulation of reality and each scale is used to show certain aspects of the project and not others.
  4. Ok, but I'm planning my projects 1:1 and also windows and doors are in my CAD model in the real thickness. I also make all layouts and sections for 2D plotting from the 3D model, so it would not be appropriate to model them thicker.
  5. For some reason, Cura does not see my windows and doors, leaving openings in the outer shell; can it be that they are too thin?
  6. hi, I can't find 'remove all holes' and 'extensive stitching' I have Ultimaker Cura 3.0.4 installed
  7. Thank you very much for your efforts; I'm not in a hurry Best regards
  8. Hi, I work with Bentley AECOSim Building Designer and I'm in pure 3D mode
  9. and that's what it looks like in Cura 3.0.4
  10. The problem is not to position elements in different levels, but to fill the cavities of the building unnecessarily with support material and I seek a method that makes the whole thing easy and quick; I do not want to have to model the building into simple shapes, if I have already modeled it in great detail, but I do not need that definition on a scale of 1: 200 or 1: 500;
  11. Fehler bei der Übersetzunghello thank you very much for the advice; I have already asked the software company of my CAD program if there is a function to do it automatically; I'm still waiting for an answer if AECOSim Building Designer has the tool; The ideal would be to lay a kind of skin over the model and to generate the shape from it; I write as soon as I have solved the problem;
  12. Hello, My English is not good but I will try it next time
  13. English: is there a 3D flood feature? i.e. e.g. wrapping a building or a 3D shape with a volume? My problem is: I have planned a house in AECOSim, I would like to use a 3D printer to make a model in scale 1: 200 or 1: 500; but I'm not interested in inner partitions, ceilings, etc., but the inner cavities should be filled so that the 3D printer creates a "full" model that shows me the exterior of the house nicely. If I print the complete detailed house, with partitions, etc., the printer needs too much time, support material and I do not need such a detailed model, but I do not want to mod
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