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  1. This has been going on for some months now. Any time I download Cura to my Ubuntu system I can't open the file and get a messsage "Invalid url:'home/my-name/Downloads/-Ultimaker_Cura-4.10.0.AppImage' given, exiting followed by No':' in the uri
  2. Ah, I forgot about that, I'm now back in the "can't open the downloaded Cura file!
  3. Ah, I haven't mentioned that My system is Linux Ubuntu 20.10 I'm removing Cura, and will re-upload it
  4. I've just realized that after slicing, the preview shows an original sized shadow outside the dimensions of the object to print! All of this by the way, is using standard settings. But going to my custom settings appears to make no difference. Now I've just updated Cura, by signing in, but no change. It's just done even worse with another Tinkercad project. I quickly made two intersecting 6mm tubes, downloaded it, loaded it into Cura, sliced with recommended settings, and preview shows just a shadow of the crossed tubes with just a tiny amount of printed material on the inner surface in a couple of places. This is definitely weird stuff going on.
  5. Nope, that didn't work either, I still get some bits missing, and it's always in the tube sleeves. More strangeness; No prob with solid upstands on the model, but when I make a 3mm hole the outer diameter reduces, apparently. I'm changing my filament from carbon fibre to plain PLA. It's a waste otherwise. Printing more bits with different bore holes now. Just so i can physically measure any changes.
  6. I'm going to make a new one in Tinkercad, and see how that goes. Another mug of tea is called for!
  7. Downloaded my "fixed" file but It has made no difference, Cura still shows the same preview areas missing after slicing.
  8. Thanx for the reply Hmm, sounds weird. ok I'll give it a go.
  9. Is it something to do with the Tinkercad file? What I can see in Cura's preview vaguely looks like part of the Tinkercad history that you see scrolling through when you re-open the project. Hmm, can't seem to open the stl file in my text editor, it says something about it being corrupt. I've re-opened the project twice in Tinkercad, re-started Cura and re-opened the stl, with the same result. And yes, it prints with bits missing Any help you guys can give I hereby thank you in advance. This project is part of a body mount upgrade for my RC rock crawler. gcode file included CE5_Ravine dbm add2(1).gcode
  10. This is the second time it's happened to me. Last time was in 2018. But this time I've found that it's the capital letters in .AppImage, after extracting, that are preventing the system from opening the file. Altered it to .appimage and Cura is now running on my brand-new, custom built, Ubuntu desktop PC. 😁 So maybe this will help someone else who comes looking for a solution.
  11. Thanx for all your help guys. I'm now running Ubuntu 18.04 and Cura too.
  12. That sounds interesting. I'm always willing to upgrade, so I'll try 18.04 right this minute! (even though it's quarter past one in the morning!) But what's a PPA ?
  13. Thanx for helping GR, still no go. I deleted all Cura downloads and removed it from Synaptic, but after downloading and saving version 3.2. 64 bit to a file, the terminal still says No such file or directory
  14. Got my first 3D printer in December. Tevo Tarantula. It works I guess, and I'd like to connect it to my PC, but can't get Cura to launch on my Ubuntu system. The latest version wouldn't download because it's an AppImage and is not recognized, so I have version 2:2.3.1 at the moment. But, as mentioned, it won't start. Any advice is hereby thanked in advance.
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