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  1. That helped the stopping, but now it just crashes my head after a few layers. I think I'll just download an older version of Cura...
  2. Hello, I'm printing some parts after a long break, and have just updated to 4.1. I'm having a problem where after the brim is done, the print stops completely, requiring the printer to be restarted to home. Oddly enough, I've printed a few parts using the same settings before, and with no issue. Any idea what might be causing it? I'm printing on a MAKEiT pro M, if that matters. Gcode attached. Connectors.gcode
  3. Hello all, I've been printing with PLA/PVA for some time now, and the order at which Cura decides to print the "helpers" is somewhat affecting my print quality. What happens is that the first layer of my supports goes down, but due to not being primed yet is somewhat spotty and does not always stick. After a second it continues to print correctly, but the strands from the initial period can be dragged into the print area by this point. After that the prime tower prints splendidly. If anything, I would prefer the prime tower's brim to be stringy and reduce the bottom surface quality than the actual print. There does not seem to be a setting for this at the moment. Any chance this will be implemented? -Feo
  4. Pardon the radio silence. Yes, I have this set to print on the second extruder, it's what I had TPE loaded in. It's a problem where if your extruder set to print the part has a print temp of 0, Cura crashes. There is nothing inside the model, either @thopiekar. I've heard that Cura doesn't handle small perimeters well, so this might be the issue. Not sure why @AbeFM has had such better results, an imperfect mesh shouldn't have caused all those rings. Can't see why my settings were causing this, either. Regardless, I definitely think that this is a Cura issue, and that the dev team should look into solving this. @thopiekar, I don't have the model on hand right now, hopefully the attached screenshot of the sliced model will do. EDIT: Also of note, the rings are almost entirely removed when the model is oriented upside down. I've printed it this way (with supports) and it came out nicely, aside from inevitable TPE stringing. No change in settings other than supports activation and dual extrusion tower. Odd.
  5. Update: checked in slic3r (through Repetier Host), and the model slices perfectly. This is just a Cura issue, nothing wrong with the model.
  6. Is there a way to get an stl from Inventor other than exporting it as stl? That's what I've been using.
  7. I've tried to save it multiple times. I figured it was some issue with the way the triangle mesh is built, but smoothing it out in Meshmixer didn't help at all. The file I uploaded has been "Meshmixed", looks exactly like the original. Will look around Inventor forums. Thanks! Though, Cura seems to recognize the shape as a cylinder (as seen in the grey outline). Maybe it's just an issue with how Cura slices things?
  8. Hello all, Couldn't find what I was looking for through google, so asking here. I modeled a part in Inventor that has a rather thin cylinder at the top, which has had trouble printing. The thin cylinder came out lumpy, but I don't think this was entirely a cooling issue. The gcode generated shows the thin cylinder portion to have ridges every few layers, making it uneven. Is there a solution to this? example attached. MPROM_0_125 in connector B FIX.curaproject.curaproject.3mf
  9. I do not believe there is a built in feature for this. I recall there being a plugin, but it is no longer in the list. You can edit the g code that cura creates for you and search for the layer you want to modify the parameters you want.
  10. Having the same issues. Am using a MAKEiT Pro-M, which has a built-in profile, and am not able to activate any materials, custom or not. I recall this option being available for my Makergear M2, which I set up a few months ago. Would I have to set to "Custom FDM Printer" to be able to activate my custom material profiles?
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