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  1. I tried printing without support for that specific area and it turned out quite good! it created some minor rough edges at the bottom of the overhang part but it's not a big deal (I can sand that part). I guess printing with pva and setting the horizontal expansion large enough would definitely work as well but it worked out ok without it. Thanks for your help!
  2. I have a UM2+ and a UM3 extended. I tried to print this part on both of them. I tried with PLA and supports were also PLA. However this time I want to try CPE on CPE. The print itself never failed but the support structure I'm talking about breaks away after a while and as a consequence the main print part also doesn't come out perfectly. I attached some new photos and tried to describe what I mean...My main problem is that the extra added support column breaks away in the middle of the print. I think it's because it doesn't adhere well to the main print model. As you can see in the pictures the support structure is floating in the air and I can't get it to stick better even though I adjusted x/y and z distance to 0...
  3. Hi everyone, It's the first time I'm seeking help from the ultimaker community so please help me out on this issue cause I'm going crazy over it. I printed the part in the picture multiple times before and every time I've had issues with the supports. In the middle area of the part you can see that the support structures are loose and in the air (see the attached photos), this causes the supports to fail during the print. I tried to add additional support structures and changed their configurations by reducing the extra support structure's x/y and z distances to 0. Even when it's 0 the print still fails which I think is due to the support base not sticking well enough to the print. Do you have any idea on how to fix this issue? Please help me out!
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