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  1. @Daid I'm sorry about getting upset. You did acknowledge the problem and the solution you suggested worked. We are just trying to install around 7 Ultimaker 3's and I did not want this to be an ongoing issue. I fixed the problem and I think I have a workaround for the problem. What was being displayed was the HTML from CMU's wifi login page. I will install the machines with a wired connection and that should solve this. For firmware, I downloaded and installed the latest firmware files via flash drive once I was able to navigate away from the message. Again, I'm sorry for blowing
  2. Yeah, so there is no way Ultimaker didn't even talk about this enormous interface problem, right? How is there no back button on the interface? Why is it scroll based? Is this a turn of the century iPod? Come on, this is truly embarrassing. I have the same problem. The message being displayed is the entirety of Carnegie Mellon's wifi sign on page HTML. @Rossboss what solution did you find for the firewall? @Daid Is there a way to temporarily disable wifi? Keep in mind, I can't get to the main menu.
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