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  1. Thanks for the tip geert_2! I printed off 3 gears at once with a small cube next to them and all 3 turned out almost perfect. Will definitely have to use this technique more.
  2. @nicolinux it has always been this way but it hasn't bothered me until now when I'm trying to produce high quality models @geert_2 that's a great idea. However even with the dummy block there is still some deformation, and since I am trying to make gears and mechanical objects I need the print to be as perfect as possible. I do have the upgraded circular blower guide so there is plenty of cooling. I will have to experiment more when I get home. Keep you posted later *Edit* yes I know I need to reduce the massive amount of vibration (in the Y axis) which is k
  3. I've noticed lately that when making small prints any kind of pillar below 7mm in diameter the filament will not hardening completely and it will just come out a big blobby mess. I'm using PLA filament at 200*c, I have tried 190*c but the same thing happens. Do I need to lower the rate of extrusion or is there a way to increase fan speed. Still new to the 3d printing world so go easy on me
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