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  1. Steve this is perfect! It works great. Thank you. It seems that the preference change affects only designs during their creation. Going forward I'll save one step.Which is awesome. And I hope to remain thankful for your awesome explanation and documentation for a while.
  2. Yes, this happens to me when I create things with Fusion 360. I could rotate them by those 90 degrees before they become a STL. (Or I could look into changing this in Fusion.) It is just strange that this 90 degrees turn seems to be needed for my parts 90% of the time. Since it does not matter, I should probably just 'rotate my thinking' when I start the object in Fusion. I was just wondering if there is a place for cura commands to be run during import. Thanks for getting back to me about this.
  3. In 99% of all cases I rotate the the STL after import by 90 degrees in one axis. Is there maybe a place where I could set a command / script that automatically runs after I open an STL?
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