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  1. Ok guy please don't five me grief. I have a home built machine with Marlin Firmware - been working great for months with previous version of Cura (what ever was the last one 3.3?). It has suddenly started freezing. printer works with Pronterface but then still freezes with cura again. As its a home built machine i'm using USB to connect with the printer. windows 7 64 bit I can load a print, Prepare it, press print via USB, monitor the temperature rising to levels bed and extruder. then nothing - it freezes. Application hasn't as i can still cancel the print
  2. Thanks nallath, i knew i was holding a rag to a bull, i am actually really impressed with cura and the fact it simply worked with a clone machine straight out of the box. My preference would be to have you guys write software for Airbus at least it would be something bizarre like the toilet lights dimmed when you sat down as apposed to the major flight controls being sabotaged. my main question was regarding the end of print procedure, is the software supposed to sit in printing mode forever. The gcode end command surely indicates the job is done and should free up the a
  3. setup:- latest version of Cura 3.2.1, win 7 64 bit OS, Marlin Firmware home built printer. When a print completes Cura tells me its printing and still shows the option to abort. why does it not go away and free up the application to start another print or do a reprint the only way to get back to preparing a print is to abort the completed print. forgive me if i'm wrong but abort usually is an option to get you out the poop when things go wrong not to return to an application after a successful print. on another note, I'm finding some idiosyncrasie
  4. Hi gr5, its after slicing and when printing that the amount in meters is incorrect. As you have mentioned the slicer knows how much it will extrude and it should not matter what size the mineral is. If the 3mm theory is correct then i would be using 0.8m on a print right now which is running for 4 hours ? arguably i could multiply the meters by 2 (for example, 3mm/2 =1.50 rough guesstimate, ok i know its not that simple as its based on area and weight but its like 5% of the total filament needed). i'm going for it being a bug in Cura. I seriously question the the knowledge of pro
  5. Thanks yellowshark and kmanstudios, your replies have been very helpful in confirming what i was thinking. I appreciate you spending the time to reply cheers Jason
  6. Using new 3.2 version of Cura on a marlin based home built printer with win7 64 bit os. the material estimation is pretty damn accurate for duration of print which is not what i have read from other users ? the problem im having is it estimates 0.6m of material when quite obviously the part requires 10x more just by looking at it, i have entered the PLA information into the cost estimator 1.75 at 1kg reel for £10.99 (OK i'm a cheapskate). but the print material estimate is always way out. if i want to use up short lengths and trusted the estimate i would have burnt out the hot end
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