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  1. Yeah, I know routine is a big thing with Asperger's too...at the moment, I'm thinking maybe I should give your therapist a call. Joking. I think...
  2. Will do...might be a while, I’m in the middle of house move!
  3. Basic level would be direct camera control with the spacemouse axes, WITHOUT having to press any buttons. Anything extra to that would be a bonus.
  4. If that is true it explains some things. I will try to be clearer in my descriptions and be more understanding if your posts are sometimes a little blunt as I know both interpretation and a prioritisation of cold hard facts over what others might call “tact” are both factors...so... To to clarify there’s nothing “wrong” with 3DXware. I just find it to be more intrusive to use it compared to native support. It can save settings “per program” on the axes, and it does that well, meaning as you say that it is possible to configure the axes the same way across all programs, so left is always left, right always right etc. However, Cura simply does not allow the 3D mouse to have this control. If it does, I’ve missed an update, so please let me know. I find the integration of buttons in 3DXWare considerably less intuitive...it has been a while since I used it, but it used to be a “menu ring” that popped up which the user then used the space mouse to select from. I found this intrusive as I say...and control of a very small ring menu, with a very sensitive device...coupled with my Parkinson’s was problematic. Even if it were not, I am still interacting with something that is not a part of Cura and I find that awkward. Perhaps part of it is my disability, perhaps also that I have the simple one button wireless Spacemouse; maybe the higher cost versions with more actual buttons are better suited to 3DXWare.
  5. kmanstudios, I know you meant no harm, but when someone says "I have this problem with X"...the reply "My X is working just fine" is probably THE most unhelpful of all. 🙂 A leaky roof would damage the furniture...I fail to see how a memory leak could damage a spacemouse...but...I guess for now we agree to differ.
  6. I just "gender assumed" on P3D...apologies if you are not or do not identify as male...
  7. As to 3DXWare...it's...not great. I don't blame P3D for not knowing he even has it (you probably do) and even if he does, I couldn't advise he use it; it is extremely limited compared to native support...button clicks and menu selects are all very well, but the interface it provides to use them is intrusive and the best use of the spacemouse is (imho) to simply slave it to camera control...the (traditional) mouse interacts with the model, the spacemouse controls where I "stand" to look at it. In terms of splintering efforts...I cannot believe that adding support for the spacemouse is as onerous a job as fixing the memory leaks and slicer etc...I'm almost certain the code that drives it must be very generic, given how many 3D packages do in fact support it - I'm trying to avoid phrases like "copy and paste" and "how hard can it be?"...but...well, I guess I didn't avoid them very effectively...
  8. This is an old argument. There are merits to both so please be civil guys. On the one side, kman is saying there are bigger problems. On the other, p3D (and me) would find a lot of benefit from SpaceMouse support (in my case I have a disability that affects my right hand side, being able to use the space mouse AND my (limited) ability with a right hand mouse is better than either right hand alone or learning to use a left hand mouse exclusively). kman is right, there are bigger problems. P3D and me (I would humbly suggest) are also right - it would be a very sad world if you were not allowed to buy nice furniture until you had built the perfect house. Or if nobody was ever allowed to sing because one child still had cancer. There is room for both, surely? If Cura put ten people on to solving the big issues, and one or two onto a better, more professional interface...I don't think P3D or I would complain..
  9. No, but if it can emulate a joystick, it can (should be able to) emulate anything. It might not have the analog sensitivity that the native device has...but there's no point having cream if you have no strawberries to put it on...
  10. Since sxvjoy is now quite old (2015) it's possible it's been superseded...3DConnexion have a file under game controllers called a KMJ Emulator...but that similarly receives no input. The spacemouse works perfectly on my system with the demos though.
  11. And yet, according to that thread in the Elite Dangerous forums, it SHOULD work...thejob of the extra sxvjoy program is to convert the spacemouse signals into a virtual joystick...
  12. WEll, shortlived experiment with vjoy and sxvjoy...I don't get any input in the vjoymonitor when I set up the spacemouse as directed,
  13. I refer to my original statement of “I don’t know why it’s so hard”...particularly the “I don’t know” part. I’m going to see if that sxvjoy interface still works in Elite...but I’m also going to see if it is capable of transferring the commands to Cura...
  14. If the space mouse can do that, why doesn’t it work in Cura? Why is it being seen as “a big job to support one device” when in fact it could be “still a big job, but once it’s done Cura will support ANY device”? this thread may be relevant; not sure... https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/35024-Sx2vJoy-get-your-3DConnexion-device-working-like-a-3D-joystick-(formerly-SN2vJoy)?p=4302450&viewfull=1#post4302450
  15. That was a long post but...the reason it should be simple... The software accepts inputs for pan, zoom and rotate in all six degrees of freedom. The device generates outputs for pan, zoom and rotate in all six degree of freedom. That’s it, right there. One sends, the other receives. One listens, the other talks. That’s why it SHOULD be simple. I have no idea why it’s not.
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