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  1. @gr5 Yes, I agree. It makes sense what it's purpose is in the assembly. My comment is regarding the actual design of the plate and the round slanted hole areas that each print core extruder align with (See UM3-Issue-12.jpg). The sunken well is where the material pooled up and got stuck inside the two print cores, making it impossible to move them up and down via spring action. See the filament stuck in UM3-Issue-11.jpg. In retrospect, one way to remove the filament in print core BB might have been to immerse a portion of the module in water and wait for the PVA stuck inside this region to diss
  2. Hi All, thank you all for the comments. I think threads like this are the useful type because they provide a problem and solution. In my case I always like to provide as much of a solution as I can offer. I always learn a ton from posts like this across the many forum communities I engage with and love to contribute back. I went about cleaning the clog using a heat gun as @gr5 suggested. It mostly worked as it was the only real way to separate plastic from printer parts. I ended up using several types of pliers and snips to cut away plastic as I went along. Overall the cleanup too
  3. Thank you for the advice. It is PLA and PVA and I do have a heat gun. I'll give it a shot. Great video too. In the past I have always monitored the job for the first several layers to make sure all is good. I did that in this case but something happened along the way. With every failure is a learning opportunity for sure. I'll report back with what I discover about this situation.
  4. I left a 19 hr job running overnight and came back to find this. I've never encountered this. The error message said to check untimaker.com/ER17. I did and will attempt to check the limit switches and belts but first need to figure out how to remove this mess. Any tips?
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