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  1. Interestingly the values for acceleration in X and Y on the ultimaker version of marlin were even higher. DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE 9000 and DEFAULT_ACCELERATION 3000 (I'm not sure which is used where). I'm wondering if this was done as some sort of crude way of limiting the problems linear advance tries to address as corners are much less sharp for me using marlin compared to ultimaker. I've not had much luck with Linear Advance yet, all the test patterns I've printed go from barely acceptable to bad. I'll try a series of actual parts next to see if I can get any favourable results.
  2. Thanks for being so thorough halfie! I'm up and running. Just need to dial in the speeds and feeds and tune it all up. I agree that the menu could do with some work on its appearance and intuitiveness! I've not used tinkergnomes builds but even comparing to standard UM2 menus it feels a bit clunky.
  3. halfie, can you confirm any key point with regards to configuration of the LCD or perhaps share your config files? and that you used the bugfix-1.1.x branch of marlin where you didn't have success with release 1.1.8. Thanks, Andrew.
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