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  1. I am currently using the normal version of Zytel 3D1000FL, which is supported on UM3 and it is my primary printer. So I guess, I can't use the ones I mentioned above on UM3. Also I am running into a problem with 3D1000FL, the normal one. The printer stopped working and gave the following error. I looked up online and changed the printcore. the same thing happened again.
  2. I bought two variations of this filament: Zytel 3D10C20FL BK544 and Zytel 3D12G30FL BK309. One is carbon fiber filled and the other is glass filled. I could install their profiles on Cura, but when I select them, it shows it's not supported. Can you look into that? Thanks!
  3. Hello, Recently I tried using PP for printing some parts and the part didn't come out good. Please find attached the printed part. There is stringing in the circular holes and all the 4 side surfaces are really rough. Please suggest a solution for the same. Thanks!
  4. I went through the threads of discussions with many community members working on it as a hobby. But as the new ultimaker s5, which is the most recent one, has the sensor implemented in it, i wanted to know if there is any way we can get that sensor module and try to fit it in UM3
  5. I have been using UM3 for printing functional prototypes for various projects going on at NIH. As many parts I print require precision, I have to change the print parameters which result in large print times and increased material consumption. Many times, the prints are overnight and the printer runs out of material leaving the nozzle printing in air. It’s frustrating because I have to start whole print again wasting material and more importantly, time. I noticed that the new Ultimaker S5 has something called Filament RunOut Sensor, and I have been reading on your community page that you guys have been working on developing something like that for long time. I would really appreciate it if you have figured out a way to install that on UM3 as it is the primary printer we use Thanks!
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