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  1. If I buy some, I will measure in multiple places and will post my findings.
  2. Very good point, I see what you mean. Can I ask if you use 2.85 or 3.0mm filament?
  3. Hi, thanks for this information, but my main concern is getting to a variety of filament types when forced to purchase 2.85mm filament and keeping costs low. I live in a low humidity place.
  4. Hey, thank you for bringing this point up, maybe this is why it feels that there is very little variety to choose from. I have been specifically looking for 2.85mm while excluding 3.00mm filament. Why? I was actually trying to take your advice! In this thread, you said "strongly recommend you do not buy filament that is truly at 3mm" and "I don't care if 3mm filament is free - it's not worth it. Buy some 2.85mm filament." Down in that thread, InertialPrint says UM can handle 3mm after modifications are made (but I wouldn't want to need to mod right out of the box). Here's another thread where you say: "So you would think 3.0mm PLA is fine. But it's not." And a third thread linking use of 3.0 filament to poor printing. So is it now ok to feed in 3mm filament? Was it UM2 that was more sensitive or are 2/3 equally able to take (or not) 3.0mm filament? I know I have more selection options if I am able to run 3.0 filament through. Have been just looking for 2.85. Oh, and thanks for your philosophy on the spool size. I shouldn't let that trip me up, thanks for explaining.
  5. Good to know the quality difference between the two brands. Have you happened to have tried eSun? Thanks for the links to Fillamentum, I missed them and they look beautiful! I will get some. The LUX looks nice but seems pricey, nearly as much as PVA at $12.18 / 100g.
  6. Thanks for your feedback, kmanstudios. These responses (or lack of) have helped me make a decision to not immediately purchase a UM3. I got very, very close to purchase but I just haven't been able to source a variety of filaments like I can for 1.75mm thicknesses. There is just so much more variety out there, and for significantly reduced cost. Oh, also finding a couple vendors that do sell 2.85mm but on 1kg rolls that don't fit. This reminds me of when Sony used to sell their proprietary memory sticks when the standards in the market were already great. I really want to print PLA-PVA support combos, so I may still get one eventually (although now I'm looking at the Craftbot 3 which releases soon). But PVA on the 2.85mm is still pricy. Ultimaker PVA is $13.33 per 100 grams 1.75mm PVA from MatterHackers is $8.00/100g 67% increase in cost for PVA. However, I cannot speak to quality as I haven't used MatterHacker PVA yet. I'm also looking for 2.85mm PLA in neon colors, transparent colors, and impregnated with contrasting color beads (like this) or glitter/sparkles (like this). And unless I've missed it, but am unable to find any wood-impregnated polymers. Am I thinking up the wrong tree?
  7. Hi Neotko - Thanks for your message; I appreciate it. Like I mentioned, there is nothing in the Guidelines that mentions this. Since you have responded to my post, it seems that a moderator must have removed whatever block I had on my account.
  8. ruggie

    Maker Faire (New York area)

    Updating landing page: https://makerfaire.com/new-york/
  9. until
    Overview page that updates over time: https://makerfaire.com/bay-area/ Call for Makers: https://makerfaire.com/bay-area/call-for-makers/
  10. What do I need to do in order to be able to post topics without a moderator? As a new join to the Community, I seem unable to post. It says "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator". I wrote yesterday in the Buy/Sell forum about the best places to buy an Ultimaker but it seems that it still hasn't posted because a moderator has to find it and then manually approve it. I'd really like to buy an Ultimaker but won't do so without being able to chat with other owners. I've searched the Community site including the Guidelines. What are the rules about posting as a new member? What do I need to do?
  11. After weeks of research and decisions, I’m ready to make the plunge and buy a UM3 or UM3E. Does it matter which vendor I buy it from? Ultimaker, Dynamism, MatterHackers, 3D Universe, Amazon, etc. Price seems to be same so wanted to ask what else might matter? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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