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  1. FYI for anyone looking for the answer to a similar problem - I contacted our support company and they suggested it was the back-left stepper motor belt that was loose. I tightened the belt as per the Ultimaker online manual and the noise has gone away.
  2. Our year-old UM3E has become a bit noisy of late: Link to YouTube There doesn't seem to be any major effect on print quality, it's just noisy! Not quite as noisy as in the video BTW - the phone microphone obviously accentuates that particular noise, but it's not quite that loud in person. I suspected the belt controlling the Y-axis movement on the left hand side of the printer (the centre of the video above) was rubbing on the wires for the home sensor, but I can't see any evidence of this. Maybe a bearing has gone? Any ideas?
  3. I'm going to bump this as I had time to try out the same reel of material and the same thing happened. Duff batch maybe?
  4. Thanks for the update SandervG. I have performed the X/Y calibration on both my 3 Extended and S5 printers, using the 'manual feed' method, and although it's a bit messy (you need to push at the right point, and not too hard...) it does eventually work. I look forward to a permanent fix. One thing that does puzzle me however - why is it that the S5 didn't realise that there was no plastic flow during the calibration process? Wouldn't the flow sensor pick up that it was printing nothing?
  5. Still waiting on Ultimaker to provide a hotfix, which they said would be available about two weeks ago...
  6. Yeah, looks like you've been caught out by a bug in Ultimaker's brand new 'Unified' firmware. The 'Unified' being important because it's now been 2 and a half weeks since I've been able to X/Y calibrate either of our printers...
  7. +1, it has now been 2 weeks. Even DM'ing Ultimaker staff gets no response. Service providers are doing their best but have no news from Ultimaker. What is going on?
  8. Maht, is there any issue on the hot fix please?
  9. +1 on this. I was very surprised to find there was no process to revert the firmware after this release. It smacks of hubris frankly - there is always a chance of bugs, even in an easier-to-maintain 'unified firmware' system.
  10. I run a pair of Ultimaker printers in an industrial/corporate environment. At the moment I send jobs over LAN and can access the printers via VPN (although sometimes with difficulty), but the idea of easy remote monitoring through Ultimaker Cloud appeals. However, the models I'm building on the Ultimakers are often sensitive from an IP point of view. I've previously been advised against using cloud-based services, especially if the data is transferred between regions e.g. from Europe to the US due to the different legal systems. So there are some questions in my mind before I start using a system like this. How secure is the service? Where is the data hosted? Can Ultimaker employees access the data? Any advice appreciated!
  11. Yeah, it'll definitely make me more cautious when prompted to upgrade in future. 2 Ultimakers out of action for 48 hours now and counting...
  12. How did you do this? I can't find the older firmware online?
  13. Any response from Ultimaker on this? I've got two printers in a business environment out of action at the moment. This doesn't appear to be an isolated issue. The lack of response is deafening.
  14. I haven't - and haven't been advised to do so by our support provider. Is it possible this would have any effect? It feels more like they've tweaked the code for the levelling and accidentally removed the head prime command during the X/Y calibration.
  15. I had this happen to our 3 Extended. I returned it under warranty and it was repaired - it's something the machine has done to itself, rather than damage you've caused due to your own mistake.
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