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  1. I've had a couple of builds recently from the same reel of Breakaway where the material has issues with adhesion to the build plate (see attached picture) resulting in a 'spider's web'-like pattern. This is on an S5 build plate coated with Dimafix pen (pre-heated to 85C to cure). When I swapped to a new reel of Breakaway (same machine, same print head, same adhesive etc) the problem disappears. I don't see this problem with our reels of PVA, or any other material. My first thought was it might be a duff batch, but I wonder whether I might have over-dried it? We have a PrintDry filament dryer which I use on all of our filaments (apart from PVA, which I've found you definitely can over-dry *snap!*), and I'd dried this Breakaway reel at 45C overnight. More generally, I've not been that impressed with the Breakaway material with respect to the 'towers' of material created up the side of an object to meet a hole or other structure requiring support further up the build. Around 10-20% of these towers end up being knocked off part way through the build, which makes me wonder if there's something wrong with my support settings? Any advice appreciated!
  2. My current workflow when trying to get Cura to start: I click the Cura icon. After several seconds, there's no sign it has started. I click again. Still no response. I wait for several minutes. It still hasn't started up. I click manically on the icon dozens of times like a Starcraft 2 player on speed. The program starts up fairly quickly...dozens of times. I close down the extra instances, and start using the program. What is going on here? I'm using the latest stable version of Cura on Windows 10, on an i5 laptop with 8 GB RAM and an SSD - i.e. not a slow computer, and no other programs show this behaviour.
  3. I also was looking forward to the aluminium plate. From what I understood, it was aimed at materials that have issues sticking to the standard glass plate, such as ABS and PC. I was hoping to be able to avoid using the adhesion sheets with these materials, which I find a pain to use. Is there any news on the Ultimaker S5 adhesion sheets? I would actually personally prefer a pack of adhesion sheets to a spare build plate in this situation.
  4. We've recently purchased an Ultimaker 3 Extended at work, and so far we're pretty impressed with it. One thing I have noticed is that if I build a cube (or any straight-sided part directly off the build plate) that the first layer is always a little bigger than the rest of the model, leaving a sharp ridge around the bottom of the part which throws the part tolerance off a little. I've otherwise been pleasantly surprised by how good the tolerances are on the U3E. (This is when the 'Build Plate Adhesion' setting is turned off, before anyone thinks I'm really confused!) This sort of initial inaccuracy is something I've noticed before on other FDM/FFF printers. I could get rid of it by rounding or chamfering the bottom edge, but is it not possible to correct for it in the printer settings? As it's quite a common thing to see, does the effect have a name?
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