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  1. Ah I see so regardless of internet or USB updating it still needs to connect to the internet to verify. I'll give it ago then opening port 123 UDP
  2. I'm getting the same error "Failed to verify firmware update.". Tried both via Internet and USB. Currently on attempting to update to Any ideas?
  3. Hi all, I've updated my UM3 to the latest firmware, setup the cloud access in the Ultimaker app. How do I now access my printer without being connected to my Wifi? Where is the cloud app / site?
  4. Hi everyone, Figured I would make a thread of a list of empty spool weights that can be updated as we collect them, if you so desire. Post a picture as evidence and round up to the closest 5g ? ColorFabb 750g Spool = 257g Fillamentum MatterHackers RigidInk Ultimaker 750g Spool = 235g I did do a search and haven't found a thread like this so apolagise if I missed it. Thanks!
  5. Since updating to the latest v4.3 firmware today the app is now working!
  6. Yes the Cura connect works on the PC, Cura can connect to the printer to do I can send prints over WiFi. My phone is on the same WiFi ☺️
  7. Hi, I have the Ultimaker 3 Android app version 1.0.1 which doesn't connect to my printer. I get the camera preview and when I tap connect it just says it can't connect. Is there any plan on fixing this? Currently have most up to date Ultimaker 3 firmware. Thanks!
  8. I'll give it a go at drying at 70°C though and see how I go. Yea I know that's fine though as it's all sealed with desiccant. I haven't got much space either ?
  9. At the moment I use it just to dry the PVA, I plan on buying the Polymaker Polybox but going to look into your idea. I did push it up to 60°C and it went really floppy so was a bit worried it would start to bond together if higher.
  10. Yea had my food dehydrator running on my used PVA spools I received from someone online. They were completely saturated on arrival as you can see from my other thread. I've had them both in for around 16 hours at 55°C on and off and they look like they are improving slowly. Haven't tested them yet. They are no where near as close as my fresh spool of PVA though.
  11. It should run a script to detect the next closest edge, if it finds one then don't place brim in there. We should be able to adjust this detection. Therefore when it traced outside the model it would reach the edge of the build plate and know that part was the outside of the model.
  12. I can't find @rebekah_harper post for the conversion ?
  13. Cool thanks, I will be buying one of these next! I recieved two spools of 350g & 750g PVA with my printer which I bought second hand / used. Both spools are shot which I show and talked about here. I have orderd one of these Food Dehydrators from Amazon which I've read is exactly the same as the PrintDry system. I will post my findings to see if it saves the two spools of PVA.
  14. Hi, I've noticed a bug of sorts with the Build Plate Adhesion Type "Brim". It appears the "Brim Only on Outside" of the model doesn't work 100%. Cura seems to place brim material around internal "islands" of the model so anything that loops around leaving material in the middle. To explain what I mean I've added screenshots of what happens when printing a model with text on the base such as the Benchy or the Banzai Bill model. There is brim material within the letters which "caps" them off. Is there a fix for this? Can we have a feature where we can remove c
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