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  1. This was requested as a feature a while back, someone wrote some code, but apparently it went nowhere. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/1059 I guess I would need to write the code myself if I want it fixed.
  2. That had no effect. I"m really beginning to think the feature is broken.
  3. My printer looks for a file named auto0.g on the SD card to print. Would it be possible to configure Cura to always use that filename, instead of what it does today?
  4. I can't seem to get the Printhead Settings to work. I have a Printrbot Simple 1405, which looks like this: So based on my reading of the help text, the Xmin should be about 40mm, Xmax should be about 60mm, Ymin should be about 10mm, and Ymax should be some very large value, like 1000mm. The Gantry Height should also be some very large value (which it is by default). Unfortunately, these settings result in an overlay map like this: As I found out the hard way, this doesn't print. Cura prints the model on the right first, and then attempts to print the model o
  5. Thank you very much. Right now, I need to use Cura 15 to fix manually extrude anything. It will be nice to be able to delete it and use Cura 3.x for everything.
  6. I also have this problem, although it's not quite as bad as Tim's, and I also have a 0.4mm nozzle. I don't understand your explanation as to why a 0.4mm nozzle could be the culprit.
  7. I don't think this is true. If there is a syntax error in any of the printer definition JSON files, Cura will crash.
  8. It doesn't work. The new printer sets its material to PolyWood.
  9. What is the difference among these three terms? Under "Infill" settings, I can set the "infill overlap" and "skin overlap" percentages. Under "Shell" settings, it talks about Wall overlaps. Skin overlap defaults to 5% and 0.02mm -- why both settings? Don't they conflict? And why does infill overlap default to 0? Shouldn't it also be 5%
  10. I hate to revive an old thread, but this doesn't work in Cura 3.2. If I put these pieces close together, Cura will refuse to slice one of them. Is this supposed to work?
  11. My printer seems to have difficulty printing circular walls for holes without making a mess. Is there a way to specify a separate (slower) speed for just those walls?
  12. Shouldn't Cura automatically scale the quality levels for the nozzle size? That is, "Extra Course" is always the nozzle width, and will be Orange, then Course is 75% of the nozzle width, and so on.
  13. Looks like something I shouldn't touch in my printer definition.
  14. I've been doing that, but there's I can't find any actual documentation for the contents of the JSON files. My printer definition works, but I want to perfect it.
  15. So in my printer definition, I should create new values for "Extra Fine", "Fine", "Low Quality", etc to match my nozzle width? The nozzle with is 0.4mm.
  16. My printer only supports PLA. How do I specify that in the JSON file, so that when a user creates a new printer from it, the Material setting is already "PLA".
  17. Is there a mailing list or forum just for developers of Cura? I need help with my printer definition, and I don't think this forum is the best place for questions about the creating JSON files.
  18. I'm creating a custom printer definition, but there are lots of things about my printer that I don't know, and so I'm starting with a blank template. When I set my layer height to 0.4mm or larger, the text field turns orange. Any other value makes the text box white. So I'm guessing that Cura thinks that 0.4mm layer height is a problem. I have a few questions: 1. Why does Cura think that 0.4mm is a problem? 2. How can I tell what the minimum and maximum layer heights for my printer are? I have a Printrbot Simple Makers Kit 1405. 3. How do I specify these limits in th
  19. I figured it out. Even though I have "Build Plate Adhesion" unchecked, I had to go into Custom settings and change the Build Plate Adhesion from Skirt to None. Is this a bug in Cura?
  20. I've created a printer definition for my old Printrbot. The print area is 100x100mm. However, in Cura, there appears to be a 3mm grey border along the edge of the print area, effectively limiting my print area to 94x94, or maybe less. How do I tell Cura that I'm not lying when I say my print area is 100x100?
  21. Please read my post carefully. Anyway, I figured out what I needed, thanks everyone.
  22. I already defined the printer by using the GUI. Is there no tool that creates the JSON file automatically? That seems weird.
  23. Can you be more specific? Exactly which files, and where I should put them? I don't see any .def.json files anywhere in ~/.cura or in ~/Library/Application Support/Cura/3.2/.
  24. I"m trying to follow the instructions on https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/wiki/Adding-new-machine-profiles-to-Cura. I know all about git and github, and I've already created the printer definition, but I can't figure out what file(s) to actually upload. I'm using Cura 3.2 on a Mac.
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