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  1. Hello you, I love Cura. But one thing constantly drives me to despair: the material and print settings, saving and managing them. The thing is that I like to adjust small settings here and there per material, which should be saved to the material. But this is not possible without further ado. The material library has only a few settings like temperature and retraction. But what about the hundred other settings? While the material library can be selected very distinctly, the print setting is very rigid, without subfolders or logical groupings. I also find the message very
  2. Many thanks. I will check the behavior with both Settings.
  3. Hi togehther, 1. Unwanted lines: => I wonder how I can make Cura 3.6.0 not always print unwanted lines in the print object on the first layer. Of course I activated Retraction and Z Hop - but somehow the Cura does not seem to care. Below is an example. These arrows marked with the red are wrong. That's a pure travel. But with full filament. In the finished print it looks like the second picture. Attached also pics, how my settings look like. 2. Why is Cura only traveling across printed areas? It seems like this is only 3.6.0 - but I'm not sure. E. g. to travel f
  4. It was a setting file in the <configuration folder>/quality/ There I used Materialnames with german Umlaut. So the Filename used asciicoding: makerbotreplicator_fdmextruder_gal_copperfill%2Bf%25C3%25BCr%2B0.6.inst.cfg No Unicode? This is odd. But the problem was the content of the value for "name=". It should call "für". But it was like the picture show.
  5. I run always in trouble. So I looked closer to the errordiscription. Voila: One little german Umlaut ( an ü) in one of the Materia Settings was the Problem. I changed them to an o , restarted and cura 3.2.1 started without any problems. No I am going to test the software itself - if everything is working.
  6. Thank you. I will see, what I can do here to save as first many settings. In addition I will try to update to 3.2.1
  7. The same to me. In result of the crash I lost every of my Cura settings. With a backup, I was able to somehow restore the version 3.1. But I did not know where all my Settings are. Please could anybody explain me, where on a Windows PC all the Settings are? I mean for my Printer itself, Material, the printersettings. I was a little bit desperated. With 3.2.1 i could not add Octoprint as a Printer - but why?
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