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  1. So idk, when I posted first answer it still kept saying that post needs approval, the same for the answer itself, which was displayed as hidden :/
  2. Ok, already solved it by increasing slicing resolution and image DPI. IS THIS STILL WAITING FOR APPROVAL?! Really no one new is gonna use these forums if they have to wait a couple of days for they post to even appear...
  3. Hi, Due to fan breakdown I'm currently using my printer as pen plotter. I've already switched from gcodetools to Cura as my image to gcode converter, yet I'm having a huge issue - looks like Cura's jpg to stl converter doesn't detect lines thinner than 3px, what usually results in lack of contour or dot spam, both breaking the output print. Of course I can enlarge the lines at the image editing stage, but this makes all lines thicker, what blurs most of details. Is there any way to decrease minimum requied line width (even if it means editing source code)? C
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