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  1. Hi GR5, Thanks for the input. I've actually just realised as a result of your post that my printer is actually an UM2 externded and not the UM2+ Extended as I had configured in Cura. Would that make a difference in this case? I notice if I select the correct printer that the total print time increases significantly, but settings look the same, so I guess the printed choice is limiting the speeds somewhere. I shall kick off another print with the correct printer and report results. Printer came with the Olsen block from the factory (fitted myself). The nozzle is definitely 0.8mm in both settings and reality. I am fastidious about cleaning the glass printer bed. It gets wiped down with isopropyl alcohol before every print until it is squeaky clean. I've never had issues with adhesion. Though having said that, the print in the photo above did have an issue on the supporting arm labelled "minor pitting" above where it lifted from the print bed, but this must have happened after that part of the model had finished printing as the top layers are fine and external quality looks good. I took those photos above half way through a print. I've adjusted the bed slightly to allow a thicker first layer for the brim as it looked a bit thin in places. I shall see if that makes a difference for adhesion. The filament is ColorFabb PLA 2.85mm. Printer settings are Flow 100%, Extruder 210C, Bed 60C, Fan 100%. I do not seem to be able to see / change material settings in Cura though. Material temperature settings are hidden due to the setting in "Enable Nozzle Temperature Control", but this setting is non existent despite looking and searching. How do I change this? Attached is another screenshot with more settings, plus the Cura project which i hope contains everything(?). Thanks again, -Tim Mount_Rev-A.curaproject.3mf.curaproject.3mf.curaproject.3mf
  2. Hi All, Using Cura 3.2.1 and Ultimaker 2 Extended. 0.8mm Olsen nozzle. I am having issues with screw holes in a printed PLA part. Where the screw holes are supposed to be, Cura switches to using circular printing pattern, but the gap between traces seems too wide and I am having issues with the adjacent traces not bonding to one another. I also had issues with infill not bonding to wall, but this was solved by adding 50% overlap. What setting should I adjust for the round holes? Please see picture. I think the same issue affects other part of the model. See second picture of a supporting tab, with screw hole and rounded outside. It's been turned to mush. Thank you in advance. -Tim
  3. Hi All, I have an odd problem with the attached two parts. If I add a brim (only) and view the layers I get the expected 8mm brim on the first layer around the outside of the parts. However if I also ask Cura to also generate support, the brim becomes corrupt and results in only two circles around two points on one of the parts. I am at a loss as to why this is. I've attached the STL files, Cura project and screen shots. I'm using a new install of Cura 3.2.1, however it is the same in 2.7 that I was using before today. Any ideas? Thanks -Tim Ball_Socket_LH.STL Ball_Socket_RH.STL Ball_Socket.3mf Ball_Socket.curaproject.3mf.curaproject.3mf
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