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  1. In CURA's preferences > materials > generic PLA > printer settings -- I see retraction distance and speed settings but the ability to change them is grayed out. How does one change them?
  2. tinkergnome suggested to uncheck the Origin center box and it now works. I did reuse the 300x300 settings. I did change to Marlin, but had no idea what I was doing. It all seems to be working now. Thanks to everyone! :-D
  3. Tinkergnome - you figured it out. Congrats to you :-D I unchecked the Origin box, set the printer to Home, started a test print and it went to the center. One more question I would like to pose to you: The box about Gcode flavor. I have no idea which one to pick, I used Marlin, but as the Tevo Tornado is similar to the CR10 (per youtube videos) which one would you pick? Picture shows settings BEFORE changes were made.
  4. Forgot one item when I went into settings to ask about. Gcode flavor > lists a number of types. As this Tevo Tornado is similar to the CR10 what "flavor" should be picked. Prehaps the problem is with the code I picked. ??
  5. I will replace the 300x300 with 150x150 and give it a try. Will repost results later today 3/1/2018. Thanks,
  6. CURA 3.2.1 On the Machine Settings tab I have the following; Printer Settings X 300, Y 300, Z 400 Build Plate = Rectangular Checked both Origin at Center & Heated Bed On Printhead Settings Xmin = 0, Ymin = 0, Xmax =320, Ymax = 320 Gantry height = 0 Number of Extruders = 1
  7. The Tevo Tornado specifications are 300-300-400mm. In the manual it shows these as the bed size and 320-320-400 as overall. Home brings the head to the front left side, very close to the edge. If I manually through the printers controll box move the head 150 X and 150 Y it does go to the center. Someone on YouTube had me try a CR10 G-code file of bennge (the boat sample?) which did go to the center and printed well. Thus, I am still confused. Thanks for the reply!
  8. I am new to this in all aspects, so if answered please be simple and figure I know nothing - you will be right. CURA 3.2.1 downloaded and using with Tevo Tornado printer 300x300x400. After slicing a model of mine, and trying the samples that came with Tevo's SD card, the printing seems ok. The problem is not there, but with getting the building to center on the Tevo bed. The build starts close to the home position (front left corner) to the extent that part of the object is cut off. If I move the imported STL file picture/model to the far right back of CURA's base plate in the slicer then
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