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  1. Quick test confirms it was "Combing" control. At least for Cura 3.2.1 setting "Combing" to "No Skin" has removed the extrusion between enclosure penetration features, i.e. button openings etc. Whether there will or will not be travel extrusions, not wanted, is known within the first few minutes of starting the print. Will run full print and see what "No Skins" in "Bombing" inadvertently might change...hopefully nil. GR5 thanks a ton....your batting 1000 Gene
  2. Hey thanks for the reply.... Found this I believe it was off already. Under this control I tried all combinations at least from a "Layers" simulation display and no change, but that doesn't mean squat until I run it live. Did I get your input right in that it should be "OFF: forcing retract?
  3. Haven't been printing too long but generally able to print most anything...most. My problem is I want to use Cura for making project cases and have had success. The issues comes with first layer and the continuation of extrusion between face features. I get really very little if any stringing when printing test objects Benchy, pyramids etc. The are literally quite near perfect. I've attached a screen clip of Cura :Layers" and the lines shown (travel) are very accurately replicated in the prints. There has to be something that stops the extrusion during movements. I'm retracting 6.5mm, which wa
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