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  1. This is the file. Could you please take a look and advise how to smooth out the tool path? Mesa Gasket (1).stl
  2. Your so right. That made for a very weak part.I tried 0 infill and 100mm walls. The machine is jumping all around. Strings and globs now. I thought this part would be easy!
  3. Thanks for the help! Its printing now. Taulman910, 250c and 70c bed.
  4. I found in simulation that the opposite produced less travels. 100% infill and 0mm wall thickness.
  5. Hello All, I am printing a gasket. Cross section looks like a right triangle. Is there a setting to make the printer lay down a continuous layer. It wants to jump all around leaving less than perfect layers where it starts/stops. I am using Cura and a CR10S4. Thanks for the help!
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