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  1. Here is the project (I hope its the right file) floor1.3mf
  2. I have done what you said and the X-ray shows that there are no problems. The original model is very big so I want to scale it to 1% but then it is still the same as before. (On the images it is scaled to 0.96%) But when I scale it to 0.95% it is perfect. (The other image is the print setup i use for both 1% an 0.95%) Do you have a solution?
  3. I have a model of a house and I want to print it. In the solid view you can see the model is correct and how it should be. But then when I go to the layer view it's wrong. It doesn't do every wall or it's starts printing the wall in the beginning and then it stops and then later on it starts printing the top of the wall. Is this because there is something wrong with the model or is there something wrong in my programming? ( It isn't the only model where I have this problem with )
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