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  1. Awesome! I will await 3.3 patiently.
  2. Thanks for the attention on this. It sounds like a feature that isn't widely used. I only found it extremely useful as it was a convenient method for me to move my settings between instances of Cura without uploading an actual profile file up to a file store and then download it at another location. Instead, I could access the web interface for my printer, OctoPrint in this case, and download the active gcode currently in the queue, and use it to import the most recent settings into whatever workstation I was running Cura on at the time. Now it appears that the concept of machine within the gcode's end profile data is causing me some issues. IF this feature is truly just a debugging tool from days past and isn't valued very much anymore in its current state, could you perhaps remove the condition for machine ID from the gcode import function so that the core result of getting profile settings would work no matter what machine is being used? Thanks.
  3. No disrespect intended but you are incorrect. Cura 3.2.1 absolutely saves profile info at the bottom of the gcode and there's an option in the Settings->Manage Profiles screen called "Import" that allows the selection of a gcode file for the purpose of importing profile info. This feature is broken (for me at least) but I believe that it is intended to work as implemented. I also found the Save Project option and it works fine but I would like for the Import Profile feature to function or to be removed in favor of the Save Project. Do the Cura developers read these forums or are they only for end-user support?
  4. When I save a GCode file to disk and then immediately attempt to import the profile settings from that same GCode file I had just created with the currently open session of Cura 3.2.1, I get this error consistently: The machine defined in profile C:/Users/aolshove.xxx/Downloads/Mini_DC_DC_Converter_Box.gcode doesn't match with your current machine, could not import it. This happens with any and all gcode files I attempt to import the profile from. Example gcode file attached. My original attempt was to import settings from my home Cura into my Work Cura (setup for the same printer that I manage via OctoPrint). I create a gcode at home and then download it at work and use it to update the profile for further printing tasks while away from home. This is the log entry when I make the attempt: 2018-03-06 08:57:51,856 - DEBUG - [(47056)-MainThread] cura.Settings.CuraContainerRegistry.importProfile [188]: Attempting to import profile C:/Users/aolshove.xxx/Downloads/Mini_DC_DC_Converter_Box.gcode I've tried changing the printer to various names on the Work side to try to match to my home printer definition and have tried modifying the printer names in the gcode file to match but that didn't work either. Funny thing is that no matter what I name my machine in my Work Cura, it writes to the gcode file as "prusa_i3". Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Please let me know of additional documents, settings that would help. Cura 15.04.6 really worked well for me and allowed convenient profile updates and I would like to move over to 3.2.1. Mini_DC_DC_Converter_Box.gcode
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