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  1. Hello, I'm currently trying to print various model in different colors and encoutered some problems with ABS materials from Neofil3D. I'm using an UM2+ printer and usually set the temperatures to 250 for the Nozzle and 100 for the buildplate, and the models print just fine if I use Ultimaker's filaments. However some colors I needed were not avaiable with Ultimaker so I bought two additional filaments from Neofil3D, and encountered two separate problem: ABS Lila from Neofil3D: Despite the same settings, the material does not adhere to the buildplate. M-ABS Sky blue from Neofil3D: The model printed, yet the structure was gritty on the side and the object in general was more fragile than it should be. Did you encounter the same kind of problems in the past and if so did you manage to resolve the issue by changing some settings ? Thank you in advance.
  2. I think that was the problem yes! I hadn't check the faces insides the holes. I remade the model and it prints fine now. Thanks for your answers.
  3. Thanks to both of you! "Layer view" indeed revealed that Cura ignores holes, I'm installing netfabb right now. Where is the "Remove all holes" options (and mesh fixes in general) ? I can't seem to find these on my Cura and I think it's the problem (one of my other model also have no holes in the layer view) Edit: found it but it is unchecked unfortunately.
  4. Hello everyone. I designed a base for the arena for one of my experiments (see screenshot) but when I print it with my UM2+, the holes are completely ommited by the printer. As you can see, the holes are clearly visible and taken into account on Cura, yet are not present on the printed product (not a sigle trace is visible actually). Did anybody have encoutered this type of issue in the past and if yes, did you find the cause / solution to this type issue. Thank you in advance.
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