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  1. So today I, Cleaned the Z axis Remeshed cleaned nozzle level bed I tried some reprints and still looking the same I'm going to try printing flat and also standing up and 45degrees and 90degress to current location just in case its a limit in the stepper motor only being able to be accurate down to 0.04mm. The interesting thing is I had a friend slice in S3D for me and I gave it a go. Apart from the print failing due to poor bed adhesion the layers look a lot better. :( its good and bad at the same time I want this to work with Cura.
  2. Thanks for all the advice. Monday when I back with my printer I'm going to try cleaning the Z screw and giving is a little light lube, then try reducing the number of triangles in the mesh and investigate the PID will let you all know the results
  3. Maybe I'm just being too hard on myself. Thanks for saying.
  4. Yeah the temp does change maybe 1/2 degrees up and down. What is PID? Everything is tight on the bed and screws I will clean the Z and see if that helps and also re mesh to see if Cura is struggling with it. Will let you know after the weekend thank you.
  5. Thanks for that its good to know that is not that bad of a print. I think I may need to build a enclosure for the printer as the temp where it is goes up and down quickly and its on average around 13C. I zits seem to be on layer changes whats why I tried the coasting and the retraction which is currently set to 15mm and speed of 80. You can see them more on a benchy I will take a picture when I back home on Monday. Regarding the mesh I know the mesh is super detailed for this. Fusion360 says there is 225532 triangles could the model be the issue? Regards
  6. Hello everyone, Having issues with Cura with my cr-10. I have read everything I can find joined the cr-10 group on Facebook but I hoping someone can help. The pictures attached show a few of my issues. I have lines and banding always at different heights and also zits. I have printed things sliced in S3D and they seem fine. I want to get this to work with Cura. These are a few of my settings if you want to see the Cura profile let me know. Cure 3.2eSun Pla0.18mm layer heightNozzle 215Fan 100% after first layerspeed 653 bottom and top4 walls60% infilretraction oncoasting onWalls before infill
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