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  1. New UM3E arrived 2 Fridays ago. #veryexcited! Since it arrived I got an error message on the lcd screen: "Detected too many new materials. Ensure only 1 new material is present." HERE IS THE SOLUTION: I had all my spare spools of "Ultimaker Brand" material sitting next to my U3E, and guess what!?! Did you know that the sensor for the material is actually on the spools? Did you know that the reader for the sensor is in the cantilevered spool holder arm? So, if you have any rolls/spools of material sitting near or next to or under your U3E it will sense them. Actually my U3E is on a table that is 20" off the ground and my extra spools, still in the box, were under and just to the side, approximately 24" away. The sensor, is that sensitive, I guess. Move your material and it may just fix this issue. It did for me. (Thanks to Ben at Dynamism http://www.dynamism.com/)
  2. YUP... Me too... just got my UM3E... love it... but hate the start up... spent over 2 hours today, trying to change the UM3E's settings on that stupid dial around selector. CHANGE THAT! When I pick select material manually, it goes into an error message saying multiple materials identified, pick one.. so I try and it bounces back to the error message not letting me scroll down the material list. So I abort the print and it rebounds and tries again asking the same point as Brulti said, which is asking me to "ignore configuration." IF MY CURA is driving the slicing and hence the head temperatures then I am good to go, but then the loop happens again... insanity of doing the round and round over and over... then, as if the machine decides it has sufficiently aggravated me, it magically starts to print. I've run 5 or 6 small 1 to 2 hour built part sets and then a 39 hour build part all with the same headache of a start up. But once they go, they go nice. Frankly, I don't have the time any more to babysit the start up... IS THERE A BUG IN THIS SOFTWARE ON THE UM3E????? (My cura is working fine).
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