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  1. Hello, Are there plans to implement a U3 to S3 retrofit kit? Regards, Adam
  2. That makes sense, I've just sorted with Ultimaker NA support that Cura connect print history is for S5 only.
  3. @nallath Sorry, a bit of a thread resurrection, but does the 5.1 release refer to the firmware version, the Cura connect version (if so, where do I find my current version), or the Cura software version? I am very interested in print log functionality so we can set up a basic accounting system! Thanks for your community support.
  4. Wonderful, thanks. Luckily, I have questions!
  5. Hello, I am looking to reach out to another community member, and they have not replied to a post on their thread. Their activity shows they were last present in 2017. I would like to send the user a direct message, but as I am a new member (perhaps?) I am not allowed to send messages. What are the criteria to be able to send another user a direct message? Cheers, Adam
  6. Hello! Amazing cabinet. Would you be willing to share any design documents (cad, blueprints, etc...) as we would like to build something very similar. Kind regards, Adam
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