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  1. So playing around with these values again today, I think I have a better understanding of what they are doing. I was wondering if someone could correct my assumption I am making here. Does the "Support Z Distance" just affect vertical surfaces? For the Lincoln log file, I uploaded the issue I was having was the supports was sticking to the sides of the log. Therefore I kept increasing the "Support Z Distance" what I noticed was the bottom flat, where it transitions from support to part layer, area got worse each time I increased the Z distance. So my new school of thought is to bring the Z distance back down to 0.25mm and increase the "Support X/Y Distance" to keep the side supports from sticking. From https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/20422-cura-support-settings
  2. Thanks for the information guys. Unfortunately, I'm printing these out of ABS. Geert_2, did you model your own supports up?
  3. Hello All, First, let me give a huge thanks out to the programmers for improving the supports in Cura 3.0. I am trying to print the attached part (it's from the universal construction kit, it is a Lincoln Log with a k'nex piece sticking out the side). I have oriented it laying on the side so the layers will go down the length of the k'nex part to make it stronger and hopefully prevent breakage along the layers. The problem is the support structure is sticking to the part. In previous versions of Cura, I could pull the supports off with my fingers, in 3.0 it is taking an Exacto knife and a jackhammer. I'm running a 0.35 nozzle with a 0.2 layer height and I have increased the Z support distance to 0.35 and the XY to 0.7mm and its still sticking. Today I printed this part multiple times incrementing the Z support height from 0.1 all the way to 0.35 in 0.05mm increments. All of the supports stuck. I'm running Cura 3.0.4 if ti matters Thanks for any assistance. uck-06f03m.stl Cura 3.0 Circular profile.curaprofile
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