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  1. Hello community, I am having an issue with my prints recently where I seem to have overextrusion and the print surface gets rough, but only in certain spots. I have analysed the problem to occur either where two "fronts" meet or where the printer has to make fast direction changes in order to fill the last small spots left in a layer. Its has to be either one or the other of those two. Same with first or last layer it happens on both in the same spots. What I have tried so far is to lower the esteps which didnt help. I increased the printspeed because I thought maybe the printer extrudes too much when he goes too slow in a small area (which would be a calculation issue then), didnt help. I lowered my printbed a bit, didnt help and I am having the issue also on the top layer like I said. I am using cura right now, if anyone wants to see my settings I can provide those If anyone has had this issue or maybe has an idea I would be grateful for any help. Picture for better understanding: I marked the "fronts" I mentioned earlier First layer Last layer (I lowered the esteps here drastically already)
  2. Hello community, a while back I calibrated my extruder because I had slight underextrusion. I used pronterface to extrude the filament and directly inserted the new steps via the command bar using M92 Exx.xx. I then extruded again to get the most accurate steps. But the printer would then retract the filament and would also retract a lot more than I wanted to (extrude). It was like it had multiplied the amount by 10, when I wanted to extrude 100mm he retracted what felt like 1000mm. When it finished I could then extrude normally it was always just the first extrude. I inserted the new steps into my gcode back then and I fixed the underextrusion, he extruded fine. So recently I changed my start gcode and it includes a line in which he should extrude 5mm at the beginning to compensate the molten filament but it retracts like crazy and then keeps going normal without filament in the hotend. I am not sure why it didnt do it with the old start gcode I had, maybe I had a mistake in the code. Did this occur to anyone else yet? It really is a mistery to me at the moment. Start g-code: G21 ;metric values G90 ;absolute positioning M82 ;set extruder to absolute mode M140 S{material_bed_temperature} ;set bed temperature M104 S{material_print_temperature} ;set extruder temperature M190 S{material_bed_temperature} ;wait for bed temperature M92 E115.00 ;Esteps M107 ;start with the fan off G1 Z10 F8000 ;avoid collision G28 X0 Y0 ;Home Axis X Y G28 Z0 ; Home Axis Z G1 Z15 E5 F8000 ;move 15 mm up while extruding 5mm (this is where it retracts) G92 E0 ;reset extruder thanks in advance Andy
  3. I will test it with the "No skin" combing mode, thank you.
  4. Hello community, I am trying to figure out an issue I am having with a specific print patter at the moment. Whenever there are structures in the print itself on the first layer my printer is printing a connection between the shell and the structure (I have added a picture to clarify). I have been trying to figure out some settings to fix this issue since the layers are then overlapping and creating a bulge in the print. I think my printer is not extruding but also not retracting while making this movement, which leads to the connection lines, I could be wrong though. Am I missing a simple setting here? I have been looking but couldnt find anything by now. Maybe the "Retract at layer change" setting could help? I am using the concentric fill pattern, but the same problem occurs with zig-zag. I dont know why cura is moving like this in the first place. I am guessing cura is printing the amount of circles equivalent to the wall size, but it is always switching between the outer shell and the circles shell. Wouldnt it be beneficial to print the circle outline and the just finish the layer from the shell inward? Maybe there is also a setting for this I am missing. To conclude what I am looking for in the end is a setting that retracts the extruder while making a movement in the print itself, while right now my printer is moving without extruding nor retracting. Thanks in advance Andy
  5. Ich habe jetzt über die Kalibrierung meinen passenden Wert gefunden. Ein getriebe wäre eine logische Erklärung denke ich. Danke für die Hilfe
  6. Hallo Gerd, nein habe keinen Ultimaker, ich benutzte zur Zeit einen CR10, hoffe das ist kein Problem. Sollten dennoch die steps nicht eine vergleichbare Größenordnung haben? Bei meinem Modell werden die steps beim Start nicht ausgegeben, deshalb habe ích es über den Befehl gemacht. Ich habe die Einstellungen jetzt nicht zur Hand aber kann versichern dass bei M92 die steps bei besagtem Wert liegen (M92 Exx.xx) Gruß Andi
  7. Hallo community, ich war gerade dabei meinen Extruder zu kalibirieren und da bin ich auf etwas verwunderliches gestoßen. Ich habe mir die aktuellen steps ausgeben lassen über pronterface mit M503 und habe als echo einen Wert von E87.00 erhalten. Das verwundert mich etwas da in den Anleitungen die ich mir angesehen habe der Wert immer ungefähr im 10fachen Bereich lag, bei zB E870.00. Kann es tatsächlich sein dass meine Steps viel zu gering sind (habe ja unterextrusion) und ich auch auf einen vergleichbaren Wert erhöhen muss? Zur Zeit bin ich nach der Kalibrierung bei ca. E130.00 gelandet, habe jedoch immernoch Unterextrusion und wollte deshalb erstmal nachhaken. Falls ich hier etwas total dummes schreibe bitte ich um entschuldigung, ich bin nur etwas verwirrt, selbst wenn die Guides schon älter sind sollten sich die Steps/mm ja gleich bleiben. Danke im Vorraus Andi
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