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  1. @smartavionics "You have my sword. And my bow. And my github repository!"
  2. Doesnt sound promising, but Ill give it a shot atleast.
  3. Thats not so great I would like it to increase flow to fill the gap (to a maximum flow ofc) like S3D and ideaMaker does. Does this lie in Cura or in CuraEngine? I would guess the GUI (Cura) uses the CuraEngine. I am a programmer myself so I might have a go at it, I just dont know where to look, but Ill find out. EDIT: I guess it is in the wallOverlap file?
  4. Woah, thanks! I downloaded the win64-20181130 build and it works muuuuuuch better than production version. Did you get the source from GitHub? This is much better however there is still some minor issues with line fill, only minor though. As seen in this image the Compensate Wall Overlap fill line is thinner than the rest but it is unnecessarily close to the inner wall and creating a bigger gap on the outer. While Fill Gaps Between Walls (Everywhere) is dead center between both walls, so Im guessing that the solution to above lies inside this settings code?
  5. There, that should be it. TT_Fan duct 120-100(Outer).3mf
  6. I hope this is the file you requested. You can look at layer 170 and youll see what I mean. TT_Fan duct 120-100(Outer).3mf
  7. I really like Cura, its free, has very nice settings and the BEST slicing preview on the market. But there is One thing that I miss, single line fills. Ive been struggling so hard with this in Cura, it got a little better when Compensate Wall Overlaps so you can atleast reduce flow if there is a small gap but it is still lacking. For example in ideaMaker It is very easy to print a single line extrusion since you can specify maxflow and min flow so lets say a gap is 1.5x the line width and max flow is >150% it will make ONE line using 150% flow, and if a gap is say 0.5x the line width and min flow is <50% it will print a single thin line etc. Cylinders are very difficult to print in Cura. I have this fan duct adapter with connects a 120mm fan to a 100mm hose with a tapered wall down to a minimum of linewidth*5 (5 lines) and I get these weird dots when the wall width for a layer is not a whole number of wall lines, ex wallWidth: 2.6, lineWidth: 0.48. 2.6/0.48=5.4. In this picture I have Compensate Wall Overlaps enabled and at 50% min flow. Sure a simple quickfix to get rid of these dots is to disable Compensate Wall Overlaps but then the wall lines just merge into each other and generating overextrusion (Because it is extruding the same material in the same positions twice)
  8. Thats what I was searching for Thanks. Would be nice with such a function in the GUI
  9. Yes I know, but the setting is stored (It is IN the profile) so the revert arrow isnt displayed.
  10. I accidentally changed nozzle diameter in my profile and now when I activate different printers using the same profile the diameter doesnt change according to the printers settings. How can I remove ONLY the Material Diameter?
  11. @smartavionics Ahaha I see, shit happens easy to forget things. Any schedule when 3.4 will be released? Or maybe include just this in a 3.3.2?
  12. Im running Cura 3.3.1 on Windows 10. I've just noticed that Optimize Wall Printing Order stops working as expected when Brim is selected instead of Skirt. I've noticed when OWPO works properly it draws all lines for the same walls in one go without travel, but when selecting Brim it prints one line at a time, so it goes to the first wall, draws one line of that wall, travels to the next wall and draws one line, travels back to the previous wall and draws the second line etc... Pictures illustrating what happens: With Skirt With Brim
  13. I noticed this problem last week when printing cylinders and wall thickness is a multiple of line width and an odd number of walls. Ex, Line Width: 0.4mm, cylinder wall thickness: 2.0mm 2/0.4 = 5. When I increased Line Width to 0.5 thus making wall line count become 4 it worked as expected (4 solid lines no gaps). I also tested by changing the wall thickness to 1.6 (4 lines 0.4 line) and 2.4 (6 lines 0.4) and they all worked as expected, I tried to make it 1.2 (3 lines) and just like 2.0 (5 lines) I got alot of gaps in the center inner wall line making my print print very slowly since it has to retract->travel->extrude for every tiny gap.
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