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  1. Retraction prime extra amount. Is the answer your all looking for.
  2. Great work with scaleable extra prime. One little sugestion is a check box called combing only. Where scaleable extra prime only applies to moves which haven't had a retraction
  3. I'm linking the concept but for me I need the setting to be made specific to combing and other travel moves not related to retraction
  4. hi can anyone explain how a user is supposed to use the print settings within the material tab (where you choose and rename etc, materials). i cant seem to figure out how and when they override or are overridden by the profile settings. or a way to make the settings i choose for materials do anything for example in my current custom profile the temp is set to whatever say 200. i can switch materials and it wont change temps abs, pla, petg, pc all stay the same??? ??? screenshots as general examples only
  5. i noticed the stepper motors dont hold position when paused. i screwed up 2 prints changing filament by bumping the extruder across and one other the heated bed cables seem to have pulled the bed out of alignment when the steppers went to sleep. is there a fix for this?
  6. why is it not implemented seems like a much needed function that worked well in 15.4...... im guessing theres a logical explanation. meshmixer is saving the day but its a pain to have a useful feature removed
  7. check the new facebook group formbot owners and cura users for more help
  8. its in the machine settings tab you enter the nozzle size under extruder tab
  9. hey everybody with a trex2+ i have mine working on cura 3.2.1. ill screenshot my progress for you all. btw i am a member of the formbot printer facbook groups but keep my activity mostly on the main formbot one not the trex one which i think is kind of the old group superseded now. just as a disclaimer i have fumbled my way through this process and have a way to go before its as clean as the old version of cura with the provided profiles but i have it purging in both buckets and printing dual extruder mode. my profiles are a bit obscure because im developing one per project and i use a pair of
  10. looking for print order settings. its normally there why is it gone? i hid all settings except for it for the screenshot but its not there when select all settings is selected either
  11. i like to lie to my slicer to allow printing multiple tall objects one at a time. i tell it the gantry is the full height of the z axis. this works well in an old version. problem im having right now with 3.2.1 is it wont let me place objects near the edge of the bed. im using a formbot trex which has room either side of the build plate for the print head and like many printers including my cr10 the head can hang over the ends of the bed. I wish there was a planned feature. "print tall objects one at a time" where they would not be allowed to be side by side
  12. can an arbitary time cost be added so i can simply quote a customer based on whats on screen when i slice. ie i charge $2 per hour plus materials which i ad into cura after my mark up on price.
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