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  1. Thank you. I will change back to PLA for the next print.
  2. Ohh no! I was wrong. I have had selected the right material. The Ultimaker does not print with wrong material settings. The last successful print that was with PLA. All prints with PC were printed like the picture. I am using the Ultimaker material "PC White (1642)" with default settings. Do you have another idea what the problem might be?
  3. Thanks. I have printed this model several times. I have never had any issues until now. Hope it works now.
  4. Yes, I am printing with Cura. I haven't changed anything in the settings except the "Infill Density". But I have just seen, that I have selected the wrong material in Cura. It was PC instead of PLA. This might be the issue.
  5. Hi, the build plate of our Ultimaker 3 Extended is too hot. For the complete print the build plate temperature is over 100 degrees Celsius. The print deforms and bends due to the high temperature. I have already updated to the latestest firmware, but the problem still exists. In the attached image you can see deformed print. On the left and on the front the print is deformed. Does anyone know how to fix it? Kind regards, Kai
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