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  1. can anyone help me i just got a used printrbot simple metal it shows up in devicem manager but cura will not connect (print with usb greayed out) im looking for older cura versions that may work with printrbot
  2. can someone send me a direct download link to cura 15.4 version .... its not on ultimakers site anymore and i need this version since i have windows xp
  3. hi again it seems that the cura legacy version download is no longer avail on ultimaker website? where can i download version 15.4 so i can use with windows xp thank you
  4. ok...in cura how do i adjust heat bed temp after certain layer? or first layer? slicer can do it...can cura do it?
  5. Hi i appreciate your input, however im not going to spend hundreds of dollars just to be able to use a free program lol and fyi version 2.1.2 was designed for 32 bit windows so it should work with 32 bit windows correct? guess what my fix was?....very simple...i downloaded slicer....and guess what?.....it worked thank you
  6. hi i am brand new to 3d printing i downloaded cura 2.1.2 i have windows vista 32bit laptop amd athlon 64 ati radeon when i open a stl file in cura nothing shows up in the image workspace........no grid....no part.....just white space it goes through slicing process and then says save file but there is no object in the workspace....so i cant see what my part is suppose to look like what am i doing wrong?
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