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  1. @SandervG @kfsone I didn't read the whole thread, just saw the posts about firmware update and bed levelling and want to comment on that. I hope what I say is applicable. I have 2 x UM3 machines and they were on old firmware. I constantly swap print cores in and out and do auto levelling every time after such a swap and it works very well. A few days ago I updated both to 5.2. In both cases it first had to do an intermediate firmware update before it could get 5.2, I guess that's how old the firmware was. Immediately I had bed levelling issues on both. Both machines literally want to print .6mm deep into the glass. I know this because after the 3rd .2mm later it's still scraping the glass, only after the 4th later does it print above the glass by which time the nozzle is clogged. I replaced the printcores to see if it helps with the bed levelling but it made no difference. I now have to do manual levelling and I'm not sure if I've lost my touch but even that is a struggle now. If the print head as much as touches the levelling card then it scrapes the glass when printing. I now actually need to see some daylight between the nozzle and the glass, when doing a manual levelling, before it prints the first layer at the desirable height. I guess I can do a factory reset and see if the problem goes away but first want to hear what others are experiencing.
  2. @kmanstudios sorry I didn't mean to be snippy and appreciate your interest. It's only the support in pic 1 and 2 that hangs in mid air. The support in pic 3 prints fine. @ahoeben sounds like the bug you refer to is causing this problem. If Ultimaker are working on a fix then I'll wait for it.
  3. My overhang is at 55 degrees and as I said the horizontal expansion has no effect on this, apart of course from making it thicker/narrower along with the rest of the support. These supports appear on what looks like a 10 degree overhang or even less. As for the support not touching, it is not a just graphical representation, it does not touch the part in real life also. As I said in my original post, the fact that it tries to print the support in mid air creates lots of loose extrusions all over my part.
  4. Why would Cura generate support where clearly it isn't needed? In the first two pictures it's a bit hard to see but support starts against an almost vertical wall (the side of a large hole) where it's not necessary at all, in fact it can't even be printed there because it never touches the part so I have all these loose extrusions sitting all over my part as it tries to print it in mid air. In the third picture it's quite evident that a tall support beam is generated for no reason at all. Again it's not even touching the part and only takes time & material to print. Support horizontal expansion only makes these support structures a bit wider/narrower but doesn't take them away. Is there anything I can do to remove these unnecessary supports (other than manually)?
  5. As I was saying... That's how I started my day this morning.
  6. I have by the way uninstalled and reinstalled Cura multiple times in the past but something I do (and by the sound of it something only I do) creates havoc inside Cura. I use configurations pretty extensively since I print with a wide range of materials and print cores. There are still some bugs in the way Cura saves and restores configurations, and I know to work around them, but I have no way of working around this issue. When this happens it's game over every time.
  7. The problem is not backup (I'm making backups manually in any event). The problem is that I constantly get configuration errors and to make things worse, backup seems to also backup the problem, so if I reset Cura and lose everything, and then restore my last backup, the configuration error is also restored.
  8. This is getting a bit tiring now. I see this screen at least once a month, sometimes twice. Always when I have the least amount of time available to re-do EVERYTHING in cura. I always use the latest Cura, as I'm doing now. Always the latest stable firmware. New laptop, everything updated and working perfectly. Except Cura which has been giving me endless issues as has been reported on this forum at length, always relating to configurations and settings that go haywire. I've recently installed the Cura backup extension in the hope that, if this problem can't be fixed, at least I can work around it. But no, after restoring my latest backup I'm greeted by this window immediately. So the backup has backed up the bug and restored the bug. @Ultimaker guys, please help. I'm getting beyond desperate now. I'm increasingly using Simplify3d not because I want to, because I don't have time to check, repair, nurse, troubleshoot and re-adjust my Cura settings all the time. I appreciate the constant addition of nice features in Cura but can you please pull up the handbrake for a while and sort out this very fundamental problem.
  9. I've had the same problem a few times in the last few days. My UM3 goes into a frenzy and keeps purging with no end in sight. The only way to stop it is to switch off the machine. In my case it also happened after an aborted print.
  10. @lfei and other Ultimaker people, there still seems to be a problem with the way Cura's saves/retrieves profiles. Not as bad as it used to be before 4.3.1 but it's still not working right. When you update a profile with current settings/overrides it saves most of the settings most of the time but it's not reliable as some settings may have changed randomly when that profile is loaded again. I still have to check them all the time because every now and again some value changes all by itself. Tonight I had to interrupt my normal routine and print a small part in PLA using the recommended settings, and when I finished that job and continued with my "normal" work, I loaded my workhorse ASA profile. However suddenly it was unrecognizable. The following values were not as I saved them (I selected "discard" in case you were wondering.) Layer height Wall line count Outer before inner walls Z seam alignment Infill density Initial printing temperature Final printing temperature Retraction distance Infill speed Outer wall speed Inner wall speed Combing mode Retract before outer wall Enable print cooling Build plate adhesion type Dual Extrusion (all the settings there were different) Slicing tolerance Infill optimization Enable coasting NONE of the above settings were as I had saved them even though I've updated the profile bit by bit over the past few weeks to get it perfect. Now I have to re-do it all over again, just to re-do it again at some unexpected point in future. Guys, my UM3 is not a toy, I'm trying to run a business here and can't afford to re-do stuff over and over again in Cura. Can you please help and sort this out, or if I'm misunderstanding the concept of profiles please explain it to me. The way I see it, if the grey star appears after I make a change, I have changed the profile and if I'm satisfied with my change I can update the profile and the star disappears, and next time I load the profile my settings will be back. If my understanding is correct, then I'm sad to say there is a bug and it's costing me time and sometimes filament if these changes happen and I don't catch them in time.
  11. Why would Cura generate support in mid air? Not small bits either, I'm talking whole structures. My settings are at the bottom. I'm on Cura 3.4.1
  12. @DF-Werkzeugservice I think you are right. I have narrowed it down with 99.9% certainty to the printcore itself. I think it's partly blocked in a permanent way because I've cleaned it many times but the result always stays the same. Alternatively it may be a temperature issue whereby somehow the print core slowly cools down as it prints because of a temp sensor issue. Now that I use another print core things work fine. Maybe I can give breakaway another try since I always used this printcore for that, and from day 1 it was a bit of a disaster.
  13. I bought a UM3 extended about 9 months ago and my experience with it has been up and down. Some really great prints but more often than not, failed prints for no apparent reason. Anything longer than a 18 hour print seems to be a gamble on my machine. I attributed it to inexperience however my results have become worse since buying the printer, not better. I thought it's because I'm using non-UM materials (I use Formfutura mostly) so I got myself a few rolls of true blue Ultimaker ABS and printed with Cura recommended settings using a 0.4mm print core, not changing a single thing, hoping to see better results. And 12 hours in, this is what I got. I sometimes get the same from Breakaway (especially when using recommended settings) which is why I stopped using the stuff. What could be the problem? Can my print core somehow be defective?
  14. @lfei it does appear to be fixed now. If I notice anything funny I'll report it but so far so good!
  15. Nallath thanks for the response. I didn't change my build plate to elliptic. I guess it's one of the strange settings that appeared automatically with so many others. I'll check out the plugin. For now I'm uninstalling every trace of Cura and re-installing it again so that I can start fresh (again).
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