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  1. Hello, the seventh file "PauseAtHeight.py". once in Cura following Robkleinpeter's procedure, you can choose pause at height or pause at layer. good luck, have a nice day.
  2. Hello, problem has been fixed in Cura version 4.3.0.
  3. Hello, i followed your procedure : it works ! i learn something new today, great... thanks to you and to the developers have a nice day.
  4. Thank you robkleinpeter, unfortunatly this is out of my knowledge and i don't know what to do with that file. Does that mean that i need to replace "PauseAtHeight.py" in "C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.2\plugins\PostProcessingPlugin\scripts" with the file you provided ? in doubt, i edited the gcode with notepad++ and added "G1 F300 Z4.3" and it worked perfectly. as long as i don't know what to do with the help you provided, i'll modify the gcodes to restore the right hight. thank you again, have a nice day.
  5. Hello, inserted a "pause at layer" in Cura 4.2.1. nozzle goes 1mm higher before going to parking zone. after resume, it remains 1mm too high and prints in the air for the next layer. here is an example gcode : . ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 4.2.1 . ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F600 X134.976 Y122.136 Z4.3 <-------------------- G0 F6000 X123.335 Y123.335 ;TIME_ELAPSED:361.593891 ;TYPE:CUSTOM ;added code by post processing ;script: PauseAtHeight.py ;current layer: 20 M83 G1 F1500 E-5 G1 F300 Z5.3 <-------------------- G1 F9000 X20 Y20 G1 F300 Z15 M104 S210; standby temperature M0;Do the actual pause M109 S210; resume temperature G1 F1500 E5 G1 F199.998 E5 G1 F1500 E-5 G1 F300 Z5.3 <------------------------- G1 F9000 X20 Y20 G1 F1500 E5 G1 F9000 M82 G92 E306.87001 ;LAYER:20 M205 X20 Y20 ;TYPE:FILL ;MESH:Test Pause Layer.stl G1 F2400 E312.87001 G1 F2857.8 X125.184 Y125.184 E312.95698 G1 X125.254 Y125.254 height for layer 20 should be 4.3, but the last height is still 5.3. i am not sure, but should i add something like : G1 F300 Z4.3 ? like this ? ;MESH:Test Pause Layer.stl G1 F2400 E312.87001 G1 F300 Z4.3 G1 F2857.8 X125.184 Y125.184 E312.95698 thanks for your help. have a nice day
  6. Hello QC102, i'am running under windows 10 pro. have a nice day.
  7. good point, but it would be useful to keep this information for the filaments that we already bought and thus be able to know the value of the printed parts. have a nice day.
  8. Hello, it worked for me ! got a Geeetech A10. Geeetech A10 json file is in place but Cura does not see it. instead it sees the Geeetech A10M json file and the prefix is only "G_".so i changed line 3 from "Geeetech A10M"to "Geeetech A10" and save the file : the new prefix is now "GA10_" thank you brenyw and all contributors. have a nice day.
  9. Hello, price and spoolweight are not saved in the "fdm_material" file. so each time we import the file, we must provide price and weight again. is there a way to fix that problem ? thank you. have a nice day.
  10. Hello, j'ai eu un problème de ce genre sur une anycubic I3 mega : il suffisait de resserrer les vis du coupleur sur la tige filetée Z. l'ordre de monter Z était bien envoyé, mais le coupleur patinait. bonne journée
  11. Hello, in this order : - short dark screen (video driver update ?) - Cura no more working - reset + restart - windows update - still no Cura working - found the windows 8 compatibility solution in this forum (thank you forum !) - after applying windows 8 compatibility, Cura Working again the video (issue-driver) seems to be the real origine of the Cura gui problem : a guess too ! have a nice day
  12. Hello, yes, i restarted windows, reset and even shut down and restarted the computer. some informations ; - Cura was opended, but i was working on LibreOffice. - there was a short black screen and a jingle indicating an usb connexion was closed. - but no usb connexion was closed - everything ok, but when returning to Cura, there was no more gui displayed, Cura on task manager only. - graphic card (integrated to Intel Core I7 6700) driver is dated 18-11-2018. did windows update this driver only yesterday, without saying anything, or did i missed that information while i was working ? windows update history says there was an update yesterday, but this update begun after powering again my computer when trying to solve the Cura problem... have a nice day.
  13. Hello, found a similar post in this forum. the solution that worked for me : windows 8 compatibility they say the graphic card may be the problem. my win10 pro version 1803 says my intel HD graphics 530 driver is up to date. why did Cura suddenly stopped working ? don't know, but it works now with windows 8 compatibility. have a nice day.
  14. Hello, Cura 3.6.0 suddenly crashed yesterday. when i tried to rerun, nothing happened. Cura.exe appears in the task bar : first 52.0 Mo and then 48.9 Mo, but there is no display of the interface. uninstall + install again : only in task bar. uninstall + install Cura 3.5.1 : only in task bar. any idea how to fix this problem ? thank you. have a nice day.
  15. Anycubic I3 Mega. prints with Sd Card only . my Cura 1.5 updated to 3.2.1, no more price for the print. so i added material caractéristics but cannot activate any. i'm certainly missing something. any idea ? thank you. have all a nice day
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