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  1. Just to clarify, I'm not having a problem putting on or removing the sheets, I'm having a problem getting my ABS print removed from the sheet/buildplate.
  2. Did you ever manage to find a solution for this as I am having the exact same problem?
  3. Tried printing it with a "Horizontal Expansion of "-0.1mm" and it still came out fused, only managed to get two joints to move. Quite frustrated as it takes almost 14 hours to print every time and uses quite a bit of filament. It was printed however at 205c as this is the default temp for the Ultimaker PLA.
  4. Hi I am possibly looking at printing with abrasive filament (Glow in the dark, Carbon Fiber etc.) in the future as was wondering what the best Print Core would be to ensure I do not damage my UM3. From my research it seems like the "UM3 HardCore Pro" would be the way to go with "UM3 Hardcore 5- Nozzle EVERLAST Ruby Sapphire Kit". Is this still the case or are there other better options available? Do I need to be concerned about this damaging my extruder in any way? Also, would using a 3rd party Print Core impact my guarantee on the printer in any way? Thanks
  5. I have to add, on surfaces where there was no overhang the print quality was absolutely amazing.
  6. Hi All I am having some strange issues when trying to print Baby Groot where anything with a slight overhang seems to have serious quality degradation. This was printed using Ultimaker Pearl White PLA with the default settings in Cura (Temp: 205c, Build Plate: 60c, 0.1mm Layer Height, Flow: 100%). Any help would be appreciated as I am seeing similar issues on other prints with simple overhangs that the printer should be able to handle. I have also had issues with printing the Tolerance Test from Makers Muse where I could not move any of the tests. I had printed that without a raft so retrying it with a raft. Thanks
  7. Did you ever manage to resolve this? I have the same issue with my Tolerance Test from Makers Muse, I could not even unlock the 0.5 one.
  8. Great thanks. Will let you know how it goes. Expecting a similar reaction from our dog
  9. Agreed, this would be great to be able to do t a spreadsheet or db of sort.
  10. Great thanks, will give that a try and see if it makes a difference. If you don't mind me asking, what filament did you use?
  11. Hi I am trying to print the Save Pangolin on my UM3 Extended however for some reason my whole print (https://www.thingiverse.com/download:3285381) fused up and the hinges would not budge no matter what I tried. I used the following settings: Layer Height: 0.2 Wall Thickness 1mm Infill: 20% Flow: 100% Support: None Build Plate Adhesion: None Material: Pearl-White PLA Core: 0.4mm AA I have printed a test cube and measure it with a caliper, there were no discrepancies. Any suggestion to why this might be happening? I see multiple people on Thingaverse had successful prints using similar settings. The print eventually snapped when I trued to get the joints to move. Ant help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks new-pangolin_body-all (1).stl
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