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  1. I meant PVA earlier, but yes it was bought new. I also purchased an AA.2 nozzle at the that time, ao I do have three, but I do not recall ever having to AA .4s. I will check this evening to be certain. @CarloK - thanks for the info. I will give it a go then.
  2. My machine (U3ex) came with the PLA and BB.4 print core.
  3. Does anyone know how well Breakaway will print from the BB print core? I'd like to avoid having to buy a second AA just to use breakaway.
  4. Both tricks proved helpful. Peggy, that setting was exactly what I was looking for, and nallath, the grouping feature made handling a project with many small pieces much easier. Thanks again to you both. -B
  5. Great! Thanks for the replies. Both of these suggestions sound helpful. -B
  6. Is there any way to turn off the shrink-wrapped model volume (gray outline)? I want to nest parts to maximize build volume, but this "feature" is preventing it. For example if you have two L-shaped walls you can't nest them yin/yang style because the volume runs diagonally from the end of each parts walls rendering that space unusable, or if you have a ring and you want to place a part on the inside to print as well. I can see no reason this would not work. The work around is to nest the STLs files in another piece of software and re-export them as one model, but thi
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